The Two-Inch Erection

For some time, even before being caged, I wake up at 3 AM or so to pee. As in the past, I frequently find myself aroused. Only now my erection is the same size as my flaccid penis. Its thicker and bulges against the bars. The head tries to push its way out. Some people say it hurts when they try to get hard. It doesn’t hurt me at all. It actually feels good. I haven’t tried very hard, but once my little chubby presses against its cage, nothing I can do with my hand will arouse me further. Orgasm in my cage is apparently impossible. As frustrated as I get, I don’t really want to try to come on my own. After all, I asked my lioness to lock me up. It would make no sense to turn around and try to defeat my cage. What does happen is a little feeling of futility. I know that the good sensation from my erection isn’t going to get any better and I won’t be able to actually come. So, I get up and sit down to pee, return to bed and go back to sleep.

I have always liked a cute butt. Lots of women wear tight jeans which does a great job showing off some truly nice asses. I’ve never been a blatant girl watcher, but i have always enjoyed a casual glance or two. This has been changing since I have been caged. I find myself starting to look and then I catch myself. What’s the point? This is very odd since I have never actually tried to catch any of the cute females I have seen. I guess that subconsciously I had liked the possibility that if I wanted to try, I might have a chance. I never consciously thought about sex with them. I only want my lioness. This subtle change surprises me. It’s like some basic part of my male constitution is restrained by that little cage. I am changed by simply locking my penis up. Who’d have guessed.