There aren’t many of us who just want our weenies locked up. All by itself forced chastity is surrender of sexual control; graphically giving our partners full charge of the sexual initiative. At least it appears that way on the surface. In fact, Mrs. Lion expects me to take the initiative with her. There are limits to what I can do, but she really enjoys my finger and my tongue. My penis isn’t needed for me to please her. So in my case being locked up gives her control of when I get sexual release but doesn’t confer on her the obligation to tell me when she wants to be pleased.  She also hasn’t said that my chances to get off depend on how good a job I do pleasing here. Too bad. I wish she would. I would like to earn my releases. Since I have been locked up only a month now, things may evolve in that direction.

The important thing is that I not try to direct how my chastity will progress. I have surrendered control and Mrs. Lion has accepted it. She and only she should determine how things will go. Recently, I heard other caged males complain about the lack of “attention” from their keyholders. They firmly believe that the fact that they are locked up creates an obligation on their partner’s part to fulfill their fantasies. That makes no sense to me. I have my fantasies and it would be big fun to live some of them. Others are just too much for real life and are better left in my demented mind. However, I didn’t trade the use of my cock for the realization of some fantasies. I surrendered it to Mrs. Lion and now she owns it and can do with it what she wishes. The attitude that having your partner lock you up entitles you to require her to act out the movie in your head is bound to cause you to fail. She may actually do it for a while, but unless it is actually internalized by her, she will just end up finding it work and will stop.

It’s hard work for me to give up control. I sometimes hint that I am horny…what a shock! Mrs. Lion takes pity on me and gives me release. That’s very sweet of her, but wrong of me to say that. I’m sure that when I say I am horny and she knows she has me locked up that there is a certain amount of guilt. That guilt may drive her to get me off. If I want to be a good boy, I have to just shut up and internalize my need to come. I have to let Mrs. Lion decide in her own way when the time is right for me to squirt. I am resolved to do this. I’m sure I will slip, but I am determined to let her make my forced chastity hers.