Over twenty years ago, my ex and I built an addition on our house. One of my rules was that I didn’t get on anything higher than an eight-foot step ladder. That didn’t last long. Soon I was on the twelve-foot step ladder. My new rule was that I didn’t get on the roof. That rule lasted until we built another addition which was two stories. Suddenly, one-story didn’t seem high anymore. However, I stuck to my guns about the two-story roof.

I worked at Target for five years. I started in the backroom, running up ladders that were at least 15 feet tall. I even got brave enough to do stupid things like lean way over the edge. It had to be done to get the merchandise. It’s not that I was no longer afraid of heights. I just felt confident that I wasn’t going to plunge to my death.

When Lion wanted an antenna mounted for his ham radio, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s a one-story house. I got this. I’m up and down ladders replacing batteries for our Ring cameras. It’s no big deal to get on the roof. Well, it turns out it is a big deal. I already knew the transition from ladder to roof would be hard. I forgot just how hard. I also forgot that it had been over twenty years since I’d been on a roof.

Once I got the ladder in a good place, I was able to get my butt on the roof. I was not able to get far enough up the roof to stand. I kept sliding on those stupid little gravel bits on the asphalt roof. I told Lion I couldn’t do it. He called the handyman who said it would be a few weeks before he could make it. Guess who had to figure out how to get up on the roof. I put on my big girl panties and made it up. I got on both feet. Once I got that far, I knew I’d be okay.

I mounted the antenna bracket to the chimney, and we were all set for the antenna. But first, a water break. The sun had come out and I forgot how hot asphalt roofs can be. Again, I made it up onto the roof, pulled the antenna and mounting pole up, and I was ready for round two. Now the antenna is set up, with possible tweaks needed to tighten the brackets better. I got them as tight as I could. Maybe the handyman can do it better when he has a chance. For now, the cable is in the house and Lion is doing whatever Lion is doing to find signals.

I’m achy and I have road rash on my elbow from said stupid little gravel bits on the roof, but Lion is happily playing with his new toy.

It is late on Saturday afternoon. We spent most of the day trying to assemble my antenna. It was a stupid mistake that I made. I only discovered my error after two futile trips to hardware stores. Then, after ordering a replacement, I noticed something we both missed all day. Bob’s your uncle and it magically went together. Mrs. Lion will mount it tomorrow.

I took a new dose (.45 ml) of Trimix about five minutes ago. I’m starting to feel something growing. Maybe this time, it will be penetration-ready. I’m not holding my breath. I was warned that I could need a large dose. Still, I like what’s happening between my legs right now. It’s just a little growth, but I’m sure things will get longer and fatter as I type. I love this feeling. Even if there’s no sex, just getting hard is great. I hope that this time I’ll get nice and hard.

So far, it’s getting longer, but still floppy. The tip is past my balls and is touching the edge of my office chair. I can feel the blood filling it. I’ll have to take a break from typing soon. At least I hope I will. The head is fully exposed. I can still bend it, but I don’t think that it’s done growing. Come on, boner! You can do it, Lion! I don’t know. Please grow. Please?

one hour later

Nope, it didn’t happen.  Floppy and useless. Mrs. Lion tried oral, but no luck. I’m really discouraged. Sex seems out of reach. I’m almost out of Trimix. Should I ask for another bottle? Maybe it’s time just to give up. Is it worth another $133 for ten more disappointments? Going from .40 to .45 ml made no difference at all. None. Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex. Maybe it’s time for me to give up too. It would be one thing if each time I increase the dose, there is some progress. That’s not what’s happening. Nope.

OK, I’m going to send an email to my urologist and fill her in. Let’s see what she has to say.

I am writing this post on Friday after lunch. In about two hours, I’ll be taking my FCC license tests. I’ve been taking practice tests for a week now and my scores are over ninety percent. I hope I do as well on the real tests. Mrs. Lion and I discussed how we will erect the antenna for our new transceiver. We agree that it should go fairly well. UPDATE: I took both the Technician and General license tests and passed!

I heard from Thumper. He has a new Internet provider and is working on getting his site back up. It’s good to hear that he will be back soon. Other wordpress.com bloggers have expressed concern that they might be next. Fortunately, there are good options available to the sex-blogging community. If you are a wordpress.com blogger, feel free to Contact Us if you need help escaping their right-wing grip.

If we are both up for it, I will try the next-higher dose of Trimix tonight. If you’re keeping track, that will be .45 ml. My supply is running low. I hope we can find the magic dose before I run out. The reason that matters is the doctor might want to change the mix to let me use less. We can’t know that until I find the dose that gets me hard and keeps me that way for an hour or so.

It feels to me that we are heading into sexually-repressive times. The conservative Supreme Court has struck down universal abortion access. It seems likely they will eventually hear challenges to Florida’s censorship laws. A new bill went into law there that restricts discussion about homosexuality, transgender, and other sexual-orientation topics in schools all the way through high school. They also have a law that mandates all educational institutions, including state universities, censor libraries and course materials. The guy responsible for this Nazi-like regression announced his bid for the presidency. We have to do something before it’s too late.

This is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer. It’s also a time to remember all the people who gave their lives defending the freedoms that the governor of Florida wants to take away from us. It’s an especially good time to consider how much we have, and how easy it would be for us to lose the freedoms that make us unique.

Wednesday, I tried a .40 ml dose of Trimix. I hoped this would be the magic amount needed for a firm boner. No such luck. I was a little harder than I was with the .35 ml dose, but nowhere near good enough for insertion. The erection lasted about a half hour before it started to taper off. I don’t get completely soft, just too soft for any fun as the drug wears off. It’s completely gone in about two hours. My next try will be .45 ml. Maybe I can do that tomorrow night. We’re going to run out of Trimix pretty soon. I’m hoping to hit the magic amount before we’re out.

Even though Mrs. Lion worked hard to get me going, her efforts to jerk me off just didn’t do it. Maybe I was distracted by my studying for the ham radio license exam. I’m scheduled to take it today (Friday). I’m scoring over 90 percent on the practice exams. They use the actual question pool that will be on the test. With any luck, I’ll pass.

Mrs. Lion is set to get on a ladder and mount my antenna. I always worry when she does things like this. She doesn’t want to pay a handyman to do this work. I know she’s good with tools, but still, she’ll be at least fifteen feet in the air. It’s a little tricky. She has to strap a chimney antenna bracket onto the wood stove’s chimney. Then she has to deal with the ten-foot steel pole that carries the antenna. That isn’t easy. It’s heavy, and mounting the antenna is a little tricky. I’m going to try to be on the ground to hold things and to help. If I can be there, maybe we can mount and wire the antenna on the ground, and then I can hand it up for her to mount to the chimney.

Wish us luck.