wartenberg wheel
Mrs. Lion experimented with her new wartenberg wheel.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day. It was also my scheduled orgasm day. Mrs. Lion planned it that way. I was treated to a visit to our dungeon and was strapped into the sling. We then had a pegging and Flexall on the balls program. Mrs. Lion also tried out her new wartenberg wheel. She used it on my most sensitive areas. Ouch!

She started out with a modest amount of Flexall applied to my anus and perineum. That wasn’t too bad at all. Then she applied more to my balls as well. I was surprised that it still wasn’t very intense. Lioness 2.0 noted this and made a most liberal application of the painful liquid. When she saw that I was still not sufficiently hurting, she massaged the oil deeply into my scrotum. That really got my attention. My balls were on fire.

That was the effect she wanted. All the time she was masturbating and sucking me. She kept stopping before I could come. She noticed the way I was reacting. She told me that she wanted me to enjoy my orgasm, so she would wait until I stopped burning. Then she released me and told me to go wash it off. After I took a shower and was no longer in pain, she gave me a great oral orgasm. Whew! She asked me if it was worth the pain. Without pause, I said “Yes!”

Later, much later after I returned to earth, I asked Mrs. Lion when I would again be eligible to come again. She looked in her calendar and told me it could be February 20. This date is only six days away, but under 2.0’s new policy, it isn’t necessarily the date I will actually be given an orgasm. It’s only the first day I could be given one. This new policy was created in response to some suggestions I had made.

For over a year, Mrs. Lion gave me orgasms when she wanted; or at least she did it without me ever knowing when I might come. I mentioned that it might be more exciting for me if I knew when I would get my chance. My suggestion was that if she announced my orgasm date, then if I were naughty, she could change it as a punishment. That never happened. I missed the excitement of wondering if this time she edged me I would get to come.

Being the brilliant lioness she is, 2.0 decided she could give me both the ability to see a date in the future that might change as well as making me wonder if this time she masturbated me, she would actually push me over the edge. Her plan is diabolical. Now, she announces a date. That date isn’t necessarily when I will get to come. It is the first date I could get to come. So, there is no hope of an orgasm before February 20. On or after that date I could be given one in my lioness decides she wants me to come. So, between now and that date I know I won’t come. But on the 20th, I will have to wonder if this time she plays with me she will let me ejaculate. So, after the 20th I’m playing orgasm roulette.

Lion mentioned yesterday was hump day. I told him he’d get a chance to hump last night. When I unlocked him I grabbed my bag of tricks with the clothespins, Velcro and rope in it. He made a face. He made a worse face when I pulled out the Velcro. He said I didn’t have to do that. But I do. I told him he asked for it. He said he didn’t. But he did.

I reminded him he’s asked for everything I do to him. He created Mrs. Lion 2.0. She’s only doing what he wants. Maybe she goes a little above and beyond sometimes, but essentially it’s what he wants even when he doesn’t want it. I asked if there was really any difference between the nasty clothespins and the Velcro because I could easily take the Velcro off and put on a bunch of nasty clothespins. Yes, the Velcro was my idea, but other things are just as painful. He agreed that there was no real difference.

I didn’t leave the Velcro on long but I did make it as uncomfortable as possible. I kept stretching Mr. Weenie so the tiny hooks would dig in a lot. I didn’t stop when Lion winced. If anything, I did it more. 2.0 is unswayed by his pain. [Lion — She sees pain and she definitely increases it.]  Of course, she still makes sure he isn’t in any real pain, but pain within reason is fine with her. And the silly Lion loves every minute of it. Well, maybe not every minute. He likes the thought of it and enjoys the afterglow. During, however, he wishes 2.0 was in another state. But 2.0 isn’t going anywhere. Unless she morphs into 3.0 in the future.

The Velcro left a red ring around Mr. Weenie and it was sensitive when I edged him. Eventually Lion didn’t care about the soreness. He was humping away with my hand. I made him even hornier and reminded him he still has eleven days to wait (now ten) before he gets lucky again. And when I was done I told him to put his ring on almost immediately. For whatever reason, he likes to be caged rather than being wild. It’s another one of those concepts I don’t understand. I’d think he’d enjoy being wild for a little bit after play. Oh well. Don’t think; just be 2.0.

I’ve been getting a bunch of comments accusing me of stupidity for letting Lioness 2.0 know about things I am thinking about that could cause me discomfort. While I may not be the brightest Lion in the jungle, I am fully aware of the risks I take by putting potentially painful (to me) thoughts into her head. I make these suggestions because I think they will enhance our adventures in enforced chastity and FLR. Believe it or not, I have good reason to offer up these ideas.

One of the central tenets of any power exchange is that it is consensual. Mrs. Lion has  my full, informed consent to do anything she wishes to me or make me do anything she wants. She has this blanket consent because I absolutely trust her. That’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that she is never going to do anything that will really harm me physically or emotionally. The bad news is that she is so concerned that I am having a good time and I am happy that she won’t do anything or make me do anything that she believes I don’t want. Since one of my key kinks is to be made to experience things I don’t want, there is a conflict.

Obviously, there are things she could do that I would not only hate, but would also push me too far and cause me real upset. She has never been willing to get near causing that. She loves me and it’s her love that motivates her actions. Combine that concern with a general lack of enthusiasm for torturing me and you get Lioness 1.0. 2.0, on the other hand, has shown considerably more interest in finding ways to push me. I love that.

Even 2.0 worries a bit more than I wish about my comfort zone. In some areas 2.0 has shown a delightful lack of concern for whether I like something or not. She has shown signs of that in recent spankings. She hits harder and a bit longer than before. She appears to be less concerned that I don’t like what she is doing.  At the time I hate it and want it to stop, but I am very happy she is starting to push me.

Last weekend’s anal/pegging was a great start. I don’t like how it feels, but I do like that I can’t stop it and that she is going to keep working on it until I can be made to sit on the fucking machine for longer and longer times. Of course, right now I can’t even take the entire dildo in when she is carefully working it with her hands. But if she persists, I will learn; like it or not.

These two examples illustrate the point I want to make: What I want, maybe really need, is to be taken out of my comfort zone and trained to accept things I will hate at first. Why? It’s my kink, I guess.

This feels a bit bipolar to me. How can I do anything I can to stop a spanking, yet a day later beg her to push me further and be stricter? How can I truly hate menthol rub on my balls, yet ask her here in the blog to keep doing it? I want her to train me to do things, even humiliating things, on command yet hate it when it is happening.

I’ve given this a lot of thought. It’s not so much that I am a masochist who wants to suffer. I don’t get aroused by the pain at all. I think it has much more to do with control and how training me and controlling me is somehow interpreted by me to mean that I am loved. Whatever the reason, I am a happier person with 2.0 than I was with 1.0. I might be wrong but 2.0 seems happier too.

Yesterday I assured Lion that his date would not change unless he did something incredibly stupid. He didn’t. He did, however, have something on his punishment list. A big something. I grabbed the nasty bloodwood paddle with the rough stuff on it. I gave Lion four hard swats with the rough side and then gave him a rest. The next four were with the regular side of the paddle. He squirmed a little bit and I mentioned it to him. He said it really hurt and I said he needed to stay still. It’s not my problem that he can’t stay still. I’m only punishing him because he did something to warrant it.

I let him fester for a while and then I unlocked him. We snuggled for a bit and I teased him because he said he was very horny, but Mr. Weenie didn’t immediately spring to attention. What’s up with that? Was he really horny? Couldn’t be. He was hard soon enough though and it was apparent he was very horny. But weenies don’t get an orgasm just because they’re ready for one. They need to be edged a few times. Besides, I told Lion I wanted a lot of cream filling as a reward for letting him come. I had to make sure I’d get my treat.

After using my hand for a while I decided he needed oral attention. I got him oh so close a few times before I finally sucked him dry. He made the best noises. I guess he really was horny. And now he’s a satisfied boy who says he feels good this morning. I hope so. I also hope he’ll be very horny again on Valentine’s day for his next scheduled date. I bet he will. I’ll make sure of it.