Creating a Monster

Lion mentioned yesterday was hump day. I told him he’d get a chance to hump last night. When I unlocked him I grabbed my bag of tricks with the clothespins, Velcro and rope in it. He made a face. He made a worse face when I pulled out the Velcro. He said I didn’t have to do that. But I do. I told him he asked for it. He said he didn’t. But he did.

I reminded him he’s asked for everything I do to him. He created Mrs. Lion 2.0. She’s only doing what he wants. Maybe she goes a little above and beyond sometimes, but essentially it’s what he wants even when he doesn’t want it. I asked if there was really any difference between the nasty clothespins and the Velcro because I could easily take the Velcro off and put on a bunch of nasty clothespins. Yes, the Velcro was my idea, but other things are just as painful. He agreed that there was no real difference.

I didn’t leave the Velcro on long but I did make it as uncomfortable as possible. I kept stretching Mr. Weenie so the tiny hooks would dig in a lot. I didn’t stop when Lion winced. If anything, I did it more. 2.0 is unswayed by his pain. [Lion — She sees pain and she definitely increases it.]  Of course, she still makes sure he isn’t in any real pain, but pain within reason is fine with her. And the silly Lion loves every minute of it. Well, maybe not every minute. He likes the thought of it and enjoys the afterglow. During, however, he wishes 2.0 was in another state. But 2.0 isn’t going anywhere. Unless she morphs into 3.0 in the future.

The Velcro left a red ring around Mr. Weenie and it was sensitive when I edged him. Eventually Lion didn’t care about the soreness. He was humping away with my hand. I made him even hornier and reminded him he still has eleven days to wait (now ten) before he gets lucky again. And when I was done I told him to put his ring on almost immediately. For whatever reason, he likes to be caged rather than being wild. It’s another one of those concepts I don’t understand. I’d think he’d enjoy being wild for a little bit after play. Oh well. Don’t think; just be 2.0.


  1. Author

    Does Lion ever get to cum from intercourse?0

    1. Author

      Yes, he does. It’s his favorite.

  2. Author

    I think I’m a lot like Lion–I’m always opening my mouth and putting my foot in it… 2.0 is doing an amazing job in my humble opinion! Lion is one lucky cat!

  3. Author

    Thanks for all the encouragement. It’s a full time job keeping Lion nervous.

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