State Of The Lions

We missed a day. I had an eye doctor appointment, and we didn’t have much to report. Mrs. Lion wrote her Saturday post and then went outside to work on the lawnmower. We’re back to normal summer weather here. It’s 65o F. That’s more like it. I’ve cut back on antihistamines, and my sex temperature is up. I have a little sore on my penis from Mrs. Lion’s handjob the other day. Sometimes she gets carried away. Maybe that’s not the right word. Perhaps she wants to get it done sooner, so she grabs harder and moves faster.

I had a very good time. I think that our massage table gives her better access. I like the change of venue. I wonder if Mrs. Lion gets her waxing stool out of storage if oral sex might be easier with me on the table. If I move down and let my legs hang over the end, she can sit on her stool between my legs. Just a thought.

It looks like inflation may be reversing a little. Silly things, like tuna salad from Safeway, went from $4 to $8. We can’t afford it now. Our KFC dinner was almost $10 more than the last time we had it. Our favorite pizzas jumped $7. Coffee from our favorite roaster in New York, Porto Rico Coffee (still the best place for great beans at good prices), jumped by $3 a pound. We don’t drive much, so gas prices don’t affect us. Basics, like coffee and food, are big problems for us. We’re eating more pasta.

I’m sure that you’re feeling the pinch too. So far, the cost of maintaining our online presence hasn’t changed. It’s disappointing that my tuna salad lunch and Neopolitan pizza dinners are out of reach. We have a lot of food in our freezer. Maybe when Mrs. Lion goes on a safari there, she’ll find some forgotten goodies; I’m glad I like spaghetti. [Mrs. Lion — Lion forgets that I bought him some cans of tuna so he can still have his tuna salad lunch.]