Lion decided he’s solved the conflict in my portion of the dice game. There really wasn’t much of a conflict to begin with. But now I’ve thought of another. I don’t want him to buy another set of dice. No more dice. None. We have enough. If the die number one comes up with one, there’s really no need to go further. No sex for Lion. Sad. My question is this: If we roll both dice, how do we know which is which? If it’s a two and a six, is it a two and a six or a six and a two? There’s definitely a difference. I assumed the first die rolled would follow Lion’s rules and the second would follow mine. But if they’re rolled together, which is first and which is second? If they were different colors, we could designate one as first and one as second. Technically, we do have different colors already. The smaller dice are white; the larger are red. We can either mix them or just roll one at a time.

We are probably making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Just roll the damn dice. One at a time or two different colors makes no difference. The important part is to roll them. We didn’t last night because we got our signals crossed again. I propose, for today at least, we meet up at 4 pm to roll the dice. No matter what we’re doing at the time, we stop and roll the dice. Am I in the middle of something? Too bad. I knew the time. Is Lion busy? Too bad. He knew the time. I’d think he’d be perched on the edge of the bed waiting anxiously for 4 pm.

I guess that brings up another question. Are we rolling the dice every time, or is there still room for spontaneity? There are also other possibilities for my die. What about slapping his balls? I don’t do it often, and I’m sure Lion wouldn’t mind if I never did it again. Just thoughts. Whatever winds up working best is what we need to do.

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  1. I get my balls slapped a lot! Whether I want it or not!

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