The other night, we tried some lube with Lion humping my hand. I didn’t really expect him to hump my hand right away. He usually does it when he gets close. It’s extremely difficult not to move your hand when you’re used to jerking someone off. Things did not end well. I’m not sure why.

We got a set of dice the other day. I think there are seven smallish dice. I said something about them being small, and Lion decided we needed bigger dice. Do the bigger dice roll differently from the smaller dice? I don’t think so. Like everything else, he has to research and go bigger and better, or just more. To his chagrin, the new dice, along with the original dice, have stayed on my nightstand so far. [Lion — Grrr.]

When we used the lube, I didn’t roll the dice to decide on a hand job. It didn’t seem necessary. I wanted to jerk him off with lube. End of story. If I’d wanted to leave it to chance, I would have rolled the dice. I’m not entirely sure why we need the dice. Is it to add a gaming element to things? Are we supposed to roll the dice every night to see what happens, or only when I’ve decided there’s a potential for things to happen? If I’ve already decided there’s a potential, I’ve probably decided what I want to do. The difference with the dice is the added possibility of no sex or Lion riding. The truth is, any time I jerk him off, I have it in the back of my mind that I could ride him. I thought about it the other night when he was all slathered up. Would he have gotten over the top if I had ridden him? Probably.

sex game
Lion’s one die sex game. Click to enlarge.

Lion mapped out the numbers on one die the other day. Additional possibilities can be achieved with the addition of another die. I’m tasked with figuring out what those possibilities are. They can’t be the same. What if he rolls a three and a one? Does the no sex cancel out the hand job or does the hand job cancel out the no sex? Here’s what I came up with quickly: 1 = nothing extra, 2 = rope (balls tied, etc.), 3 = clothes pins, 4 = IcyHot, 5 = bondage, 6 = anal penetration. Of course, there are problems with rolling both dice. If die number one comes up with oral or vaginal, IcyHot is not practical. I’m sure Lion would say that’s fine with him. He hates IcyHot anyway. It would be absolutely no problem to go without burning balls. What a guy! Making the ultimate sacrifice to go without IcyHot for the sake of oral or vaginal sex. He’s my hero.

I’m thinking of rolling the die (dice) today. What will we come up with? I hope it isn’t snake eyes.

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