I was very surprised when I read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“Not Going Lion’s Way“). She said that she often thinks about riding me, but I had no idea that she does. The last time she rode me (reverse cowgirl) was in 2018. Has she been considering this for six years? Please do it! I miss being inside her. Sure, all the other stuff we do is fun, but feeling my hard cock inside her is wonderful.

Intercourse stopped when Mrs. Lion stopped wanting orgasms for herself. I’ve given her a few since then, but she still doesn’t want them. I love giving them to her. From a purely selfish perspective, I love how it feels when she rides me. I also wonder if we can try our other old-time favorite position: lion (doggy) style. You may recall that this was how we fucked on our first, second, third, etc. dates. Most of those times, it was anal penetration. Mrs. Lion was always fond of that. We could do that now, too.

We stopped doing it lion-style because I couldn’t remain hard when standing or kneeling behind her. As we now know, this was the beginning of my ED. Now that we have a reliable way to help me get hard, maybe we could do it lion style, too. I have to admit I prefer being ridden, but I would be happy to also do the more traditional way we mate.

It was another surprise when Mrs. Lion came up with her own dice game. Now we have use for both of our new dice. There are two potential conflicts when we use two dice. If Mrs. Lion’s die comes up “IcyHot,” the only kind of sex I can have is a handjob. Given that, if she rolls IcyHot, she doesn’t have to roll the other die. The second conflict comes up if she rolls a “one” on the sex die, and an activity on the BDSM die. My suggestion is that she can either just do the BDSM without sex, or tease me without orgasm. The third situation is if she rolls a one on both dice: snake eyes. I sugges that gets me a spanking and no sex. No more conflicts!

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