I was planning on spanking Lion at lunch. I already knew he’d whine and complain about not wanting to be spanked. I don’t care. I thought maybe he’d say he was in the middle of something. I don’t care. If I’ve managed to drag out the spanking bench and get everything ready, you can get your buns on it! [Lion — Yes, Ma’am!]

I’ve been fighting some gut thing. I’ve been very uncomfortable and tired. The dog decided that 1 AM was a good time to go out and bother me until 2:15. After I pulled out the spanking bench at lunch, I decided I was too tired to swat him. I’m hoping for a second wind just after work.

Since I haven’t been feeling well, Lion has been neglected. He said he was horny yesterday. I was in no shape to do anything about it. I had to do chores in short bursts before I ran out of energy. I don’t think I could have given him a blow job. I probably would have had to stop partway through.

While we were watching TV, he asked to snuggle because he was feeling lonely. That doesn’t take much energy. Once I got snuggled in, he hinted that I was close to his weenie. I didn’t take the hint. I don’t know why. He wasn’t asking to be jerked off. He just wanted a drive-by.

I’m not sure when I decided to spank him at lunch and give him sex later on. Clearly, I had more energy at the time. I guess if my energy level allows one or the other, I should pick the blow job. He’s a horny boy. And, although he’ll say he should be spanked, he’ll gladly trade a spanking for sex.

He’s been doing better at remembering his pills. He took my suggestion, and he’s been getting them right after his shower. He’s still interrupting from time to time, and now he’s also not listening to me. He may actually be not hearing me more than not listening. I know he gets involved with things and zones out. But sometimes, he acknowledges what I said and later swears I never said it. That’s when it’s most frustrating. Technically, we already have a rule about annoying me, and I’m sure not listening falls under that. I just have to force myself to enforce it. [Lion — Yup!]

I’m still hoping for the second wind after work. I bet Lion is, too. [Lion — I am. I also think that if it has to be either a spanking or a blow/hand job, the spanking is probably the right move at this point.]

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