Baby Steps

Every time I come up with a new rule or idea, Lion is excited to put it into effect immediately. Yesterday I decided he should be punished for not listening to me when I told him to rest while he’s not feeling well. Later on he wanted to go outside because it was a nice day. I asked if he felt up to it. He said he did. Ultimately he decided it made more sense to stay put.

Lion says I should never have agreed that he could go out. It never should have been up to him. If I told him to stay put then he should have to stay put. He also says I talk a lot tougher in my posts than I do in real life.

First of all, it wasn’t a rule when I told him I’d take care of the lunch dishes. I just wanted him to rest. It wasn’t until I heard him taking the dishes to the kitchen that he pissed me off for not listening. That’s when I decided he should be punished.

Second, I can’t feel what he feels. How do I know when he’s ready to move around? How do I know if he can even make it to the bathroom? It’s possible that three hours of rest will be enough. It’s also possible that he will need three days of rest. I have to be able to trust that he will tell me honestly how he feels.

Lion puts a lot more thought into chastity and punishment than I do. When I have an idea in a post I have to think about it for a while. I may tell him, as I did yesterday, that he will be punished for not listening. Does that mean it’s a new rule? Does that mean every time he doesn’t listen he will get punished? I don’t tend to think that way. He was hurting. It was in his best interest not to move. I told him not to move. He moved. End of story.

Now I should do this. I should make sure he does that. And don’t forget about this or that either. I told him I prefer to take baby steps. Why put so much pressure on myself. I know he wants the rules, but I will forget here and there and then he’ll be upset that I forgot. Let me get there at my own pace.

Lions may like to jump in with all four paws, but lionesses like to assess things before pouncing.