Maybe Tonight. Maybe Not.

I wasn’t feeling well when I put my medications in their little pockets. I can never remember which one will put me to sleep, so I usually check. However, that little step seemed like too much effort. And now I think I’m paying for it. I’ve been really tired. Of course, I’ve been tired from being sick but this is a can’t-keep-my-eyes-open kind of tired, and it happened right around the time I started taking the new batch of pills. I need to figure out which medication is the culprit and switch it to nighttime pockets.

Last night, we tried a new Chinese restaurant. It was not a success. A few weeks ago, we tried a pizza place. That was not a success either. There are plenty more of both kinds of restaurants. We just need to go down the list. Last night’s fiasco was courtesy of a website with a promising picture of Moo Goo Gai Pan. The Yelp reviews for everything around here are a mix of “I’d eat there every day if I could” to “I barfed my guts out when I got home” for the same restaurant. It’s hard to figure out which one to choose.

I need to get back to unpacking. Lion would like me to unpack more of his office, but I think mine is worse. I have one narrow path in, and the dog competes with me when it’s time to walk in or out. I don’t have my personal computer set up because the work computer took precedence. I don’t know if I’ll get it set up anytime soon. I’m just looking to declutter, have room to move my chair around, and not trip over the dog on my way in or out.

Once we both feel better, Lion’s butt will get the much-anticipated whomping. Will it be tonight? Maybe. I’m tired, but that’s the medicine talking. I’m sure I can muster up the strength to beat his butt if he’s up for it. [Lion — Yup, I feel better too.] My role takes more energy, but he has to be prepared to take the swats. That’s not necessarily something you can do if you don’t feel well.