The Lion Maze

My idea of keeping Amazon boxes may be flawed. Sure, it gives us variety in the sizes and shapes of boxes available to us. However, it creates a giant mess in the living room. The boxes I’ve packed have nowhere to go. More correctly, I have to do a lot more maneuvering to make a simple stack of boxes. What I need to do is disconnect all wires and move speakers out of the way so there’s more room. It’s a giant game of Tetris.

A friend offered to come on Sunday to help pack. If things were more organized, I might have accepted. There’s too much going on right now. I need a staging area for things that will be donated. Where? There’s no room. I need a staging area for things that can go right to the new house as soon as we get the keys. Again, no room. It’s frustrating. Personally, I don’t mind going through a maze of boxes. Lion has a hard time both from a mess point of view and a vision point of view.

I’ll just be glad when we get the keys. Luckily, I think it will be a Friday so we can make a bunch of trips over the weekend to get things started.

Yesterday was punishment day. No, I didn’t spank Lion. I may not be able to be in move mode and spanking mode at the same time. Too many balls in the air. Of course, Lion will probably say there aren’t enough of his balls in the air. His balls are another matter. He can do his Edex shot whenever he wants to. There’s a brand new can of IcyHot spray that hasn’t been tested yet. The clothespins haven’t been packed yet. The rope is still available. So many options.