A Nice, Long Weekend

We haven’t done much of anything for a long time. Lion got his orgasm, but that’s about it. He’s long overdue for a spanking. It’s been at least a month and a half, probably more. I thought we’d have a house to look at today, but the realtor never got back to me. I suggested taking a drive by one of the houses we like just to see if we’d really like it. The house we looked at on Thursday was a bust. We need to be more vigilant about looking on Google maps first. Anyway, I have four days off so maybe we’ll find some time to play and/or drag out the spanking bench.

The house we saw might have been a bust, but it was near Lion’s favorite casino. He wanted to “stop in for a bit” which is code for the whole night. It wasn’t that bad. If they’d still had their buffet, that might have been true, but we left before 6 pm to find food and head back home. Maybe that was our Christmas present to each other. He got to go to the casino and we got home early. A win for both of us.

I have a bunch of stuff to do around here. I was saving cardboard boxes from deliveries so I can start packing, but I got a little overzealous. They’re taking over the house. I need to get rid of some of them and knock down the usable ones so we can maneuver again. The house in general needs to be cleaned. Lion has been rolling his eyes and muttering about the mess for a while. He doesn’t seem to understand that he contributes to the mess when he orders things. Where does the stuff go? I mean, where can I put it? There’s only so much room for things. Maybe we need to look for a much bigger house so we have more storage space. Five bedrooms, a three-car garage, a basement and an attic should do it.

Actually, Lion is due for a spanking anyway. He’s been interrupting me a lot again. I’ve just been too annoyed with everything going on to punish him. I guess, especially since he’s been grumpy about the lack of spanking, I should finally test out that new paddle while I have four days off.

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