A Sore Bottom And A Picture With Santa

I still have a couple of sore spots. Based on Mrs. Lion’s post the other day, I appear to be in for another spanking. The consensus is that I am not listening properly. I am not patient enough. I get it, or I will get it. Mrs. Lion has her own communication style, and by now, I should have figured it out. Most of the time, I can. My internal copy editor has a hard time with unclear references, especially now that I am writing almost full time. I have a wonderful grammar checker. It’s called Grammarly. There is a free version that helps with glaring errors. The paid version is like having a live copy editor sitting next to me.

Another program I use a lot is LightRoom by Adobe. It lets me organize my images. I have a lot, over 7,000. Many of them got lost when I switched from a version that stores my computer images to one that uses the Adobe cloud. I learned this yesterday when I got a warning that I needed more cloud space. Going up to 1TB would raise my monthly bill to $59.95. I can’t afford that. So, I decided to go back to the version that lets me store images on my computer (I put them in the Microsoft cloud). When I opened that version (LightRoom Classic), I found many images, not in the cloud. After a long process, I managed to combine the images. Now I am classifying the ones that weren’t included (2,500).

I’m finding lots of wonderful pictures that I had no idea that I had in the process. A bunch of years ago, I scanned many slides. Many of the oldest ones didn’t get classified. Fortunately, they survive in the cloud. It’s fun rediscovering them. I even found one black-and-white paper print I scanned in of me sitting on Santa’s lap in a department store. I couldn’t have been more than 7 years old. I wonder if Santa remembers.

The second book is moving much slower than the first. Based on my recent research, my plot is still too weak in the beginning. My confidence as an author is not very high. Sorting photos has given me a bit of a break. Now, before I do more sorting, I will do more writing. This isn’t my sexiest post. Sorry.


  1. Santa remembers you. But do you remember what you were, what you dreamed about? If it weren’t for the old photo, you probably wouldn’t have remembered yourself as a seven-year-old.

  2. Santa remembers everything, doesn’t he? I’m sure he keeps old Naughty/Nice lists… I wonder where young Lion Cub would have landed up on there?

    Going through old photos like that seems like a fantastic pastime. I like that your blog isn’t all kink, all the time. A little insight into your other interests and struggles goes a long way towards making you two relatable. Your struggles as an author and Mrs Lion’s frustrations with her job and your hedges make you two all the more endearing.

    I hope to hear how you’re making do without your precious coffee maker! What rituals do you have around your java habits now?

    1. Author

      Thanks for the kind words. Fortunately we have a Keurig machine (plus an automatic espresso machine too), so we have plenty of coffee backup!

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