Sex Dream

I had a weird dream last night. Really weird. Really, really weird. We were in Germany (no idea why) and we went into this little shop. I don’t remember what they sold or what we were looking for, but Lion got a little more than he was looking for.

We met this guy who spoke English with a German accent. I don’t remember the entire conversation, but somehow it got turned around to male chastity and sex and he asked Lion if he wanted sex. Poor Lion said he would love sex but he was all locked up. Then the guy asked me if it was okay and I said yes. So, and this is the first weird part, he proceeded to take Lion’s pants off and fuck him in the ass in the middle of the store. Well, not the middle. It was a room off to the side, but still part of the store and people were wandering past like it was no big deal to see a German guy fucking an American guy.

The thing is, and this is the second weird part, I could feel the guy fucking him as if he was fucking me. But he wasn’t. I was just standing there sort of watching (for some reason I was shopping at the same time). The guy was huge and Lion didn’t have any problem taking him. At some point the guy’s wife walked by and they explained that it was fine with her if he fucked people in the store because she did it all the time too.

Weird, right? Well there are another few twists here. Lion wanted to go back to the store to find the guy again. He’d had fun and wanted more. So we drive through this little town again and it looks familiar because we’d been there just the day before. And we find the shop again and the guy. And this time he’s American. Everyone is. I don’t remember if Lion had sex with the guy again, but all the employees we talked to always had sex with people in the store.

What the heck? Why would Lion agree to sex with a guy? It wasn’t my idea in the dream. I didn’t ask him to so I don’t think it was a power thing. Why did I feel it? I mean it was nice but he wasn’t doing it to me. Why would it all be happening in the middle of a store? I didn’t see anyone else having sex but apparently it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. Why would Lion want to go back the second time? I know he loves things shoved up his ass, but this guy was huge. Remember, I could feel it. And why the sudden switch from German to American? Very weird.

You know how sometimes you have a weird dream and you want to have it again just so you can pay more attention this time to find answers? Yeah. This is one of them. Definitely.

[Lion — Hoo boy! Nope, not something I want. I wonder what that means. I do like things up my butt but never wanted a real penis up there. I see some anal play in my future, maybe in Mrs. Lion’s too?]


  1. Author

    Dreams are rarely literal. You two are engaging in something that is publicly sexual, right here on this blog, by way of writing openly about your experiences. I would imagine, based on what I’ve read here, that you – Mrs Lion – are experiencing your husband’s pleasure vicariously. (Or, at the very least, examining this chastity thing quizzically and trying to wrap your head around it. While all the while, foreigners – or, people who are foreign to you – are traipsing through via the blog and “watching”.)

    Obviously there could be more (or less) to it, but I’ll take an educated guess that doing something out of your sexual comfort zone (anal sex) in a public venue in your dream is a reflection of stepping out of your comfort zone in real life. 🙂

  2. Author

    That’s a very interesting explanation. I’m no stranger to the occasional weird dream but this one seemed over the top. Maybe my introverted subconscious is trying to reel the blogger back to “safety”.

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