BFOB (Butt Full of Bruises)

lion's spanked butt the next day
This is Lion’s butt this morning. Most of his bruises are still there and he says it hurts a bit to sit down. He thinks this is the way it should be. This is how his butt looked last night. He’s actually healing nicely.

Lion has a butt full of bruises. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Last night I was fine with whomping him hard for all his transgressions. I didn’t even mind that he had bruises last night. After all, he asked for punishment, and he asked for that specific punishment with his actions. I guess it’s just the morning after. Maybe 2.0 takes the evening and night shift, and 1.0 still has the morning shift.

Lion keeps wondering if this is what punishment will look like in the future. Will he always have a bruised butt? That depends entirely on him. Can he keep himself out of trouble? I know he can’t avoid spilling food. That’s sort of a given. But it’s also not the worst thing in terms of penalties. I don’t see his butt being bruised for spilling food, assuming that’s his only offense. The biggies are forgetting the training collar, interrupting, forgetting to thank me for punishment, being self-centered (his newest rule) and eating first. I guess eating first isn’t really a major offense, but it is rude so I think it will remain a biggie.

I’m not necessarily looking to bruise his butt. And the red marks he got last night are scarier than bruises, to me. When I’ve given him a bruise in the past, I could see the dark purple developing. I can’t figure out why he got two red stripes. I was alternating between cheeks and then I switched to hitting both at the same time. The paddle I was using had a round head and it didn’t have any of the rough tread stuff on it. So where did the red stripes come from? I guess Lion just has a weird butt. [Lion — The red stripes are actually just surface blood vessels, not nearly as serious as black-and-blue bruises]

Lion is sure no one has ever hit his butt as hard as I did last night. I think they probably have, but it was after a long build-up of play swats. No one has ever punished him like that before. That makes sense. He’s never been in a female led relationship before. No one was ever supposed to punish him before. This is all new for both of us. I guess as long as 2.0 shows up for her shifts, his butt will be bruised for every major offense.


  1. Author

    I’m glad it’s not my butt that looks painful?

  2. Author

    I would switch to liquid meals and use a straw. it would at least eliminate the beatings for food spillage.

  3. Author

    My wife also has a 1.0 feeling about bruises she leaves on me. She is fairly okay about whipping me during the heat of the moment, but when the bruises show up the next day, she feels guilty.
    I cherish the marks she leaves on me.

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