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There is a lot written about adult spankings that can confuse someone just trying to get information about it. The most distorted topic is the simple question, “Why?” If you ask ten people who are into spanking, you will probably get ten different answers. The reason for this isn’t that the topic is terribly complicated. It’s because there is a lot of fantasy behind the practice. Take disciplinary spanking.

That’s what Mrs. Lion and I do. Spanking is a punishment for breaking rules. I asked Mrs. Lion to do this. Does that mean she is my authority figure? Well, yes and no. I like the idea that she can punish me if I stray. The idea of being spanked for breaking a rule is exciting to me. It’s how I’m wired. If I want to give you a superficial explanation of what we do, I would leave it at this: I’m punished when I am naughty or break established rules. Mrs. Lion corrects me every time.

That’s all true, but it isn’t the whole story. Mrs. Lion, like most disciplinary wives, doesn’t see herself as my mommy. I’m not a child who is corrected because he can’t behave. Mrs. Lion is my partner. She supports me by taking on a disciplinary role. She makes it work by establishing specific rules I must follow. If I break one and she catches me, I get spanked. The spankings are real disciplinary beatings. I’m usually sore for days after I get one.

Does this feel more like a game than a wife-controlled marriage? I suppose it is. The game has real consequences and benefits for our marriage. Even though we’ve been doing this for years, Mrs. Lion rarely spanks me for annoying or interrupting her. She limits her “catch and punish” to concrete rules like failing to set up the coffee maker. We both agree that it would be good to extend her activities to include the subjective offenses, but so far, she hasn’t done it.

Image of my most recent “Just Because” spanking. Click image to see full size.

What she has done is learn to deliver butt-blistering spankings without bad feelings. Spanking me is just another activity for her. This is exactly what I want. She is able to spank me anytime she wants without any emotional cost to her. She seems to have a problem feeling good about spanking me for any offense that isn’t a black-and-white issue. However, she has no trouble giving me a “Just Because” spanking, which has no direct offense. She delivers these if I go too long without a beating.

I don’t understand why delivering a “Just Because” spanking is easier than one for a subjective offense. Clearly, I want to be spanked, and I don’t object to spankings without cause. I think Mrs. Lion worries about being unfair to me. She has said that she wasn’t sure a subjective offense was all my fault. So what? From my perspective, a spanking that might not have been fully deserved is no more unfair than a “Just Because” spanking. After all, I asked for it.

We both agree that I need more spanking. Mrs. Lion is having a hard time coming up with new rules. Maybe it would be easier and more exciting if she looked for any behavioral reason to spank me. I think that she sometimes forgets that I want her to find reasons to spank me. I think that sometimes she forgets that I asked for it.

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