My Experiences With 3D-Printed Male Chastity Devices

I am excited that my reprinted Evotion Orion male chastity device is shipping tomorrow. Both of us have missed it since the dog chewed up a section of my old one. Maybe I am becoming an old fogey, but I am absolutely blown away by 3D printing. Until I needed a replacement Orion I hadn’t given a lot of thought to just how incredible this process is.

The fact that someone took the measurements of my penis and used them in design software to create a 3D design of my chastity device is very cool. Software that does this has been around for decades. In the past, it was used to control automated machine tools that sculpted objects out of metal or other materials. I’m not aware of any chastity device makers who have done this.

Two big changes happened in the last few years: The first is that companies are around who let you upload your 3D designs and then using very sophisticated 3D printers, produce what you created. The second is that a few people who have the design skill and understand how to use the software have gone into the male chastity device manufacturing business. I tried the first example of this about five years ago. It wasn’t a very useful design. Since then I have had three other devices custom made for me.

The first one I got was from Custom Chastity. This is a little, two-person company in Australia. They have a few designs. The one I chose fit perfectly but managed to seriously abrade my penis. The problem isn’t their design. It’s the technology used to print the devices. The big public printers use a system that deposits a thin layer of plastic powder on a table and then a laser fuses the powder where the device will be. Layer after layer is fused until the device is finished. The problem is that the little particles that are fused form a rather rough finish that abraded my skin.

When I asked Custom Chastity for help they refused to do anything. Later, they admitted a problem and said they were fixing it. They didn’t offer to take my device back or repair it. Buying it was lost money. I finally hand sanded the device and got it smooth enough to wear. Dealing with this company left a bad taste in my mouth. I suggest avoiding them.

The next 3D -printed device I tried was the Cherry Keeper. The person who creates this is very agreeable about modifying designs to make the fit work. You order the actual printing from Shapeways, a 3D printing company. They add his profit to the price. You have to order the lock from another supplier. It was fun working with him on the device and the results were pretty good. The design caused me some irritation where there is an internal shelf designed to hold the glans in place. With more tinkering, I’m sure I could have fixed that. Aesthetically, this is not a very pleasing device.  Its thick, clunky bars don’t appeal to me.

Next up was the Heart-On full coverage device. The Heart-On covers the penis and balls. It looks like half a tennis ball fastened over my junk. It is comfortable to wear. Mrs. Lion isn’t fond of the way it looks on me. It is effective and I like it. I would be happier with a more compact full coverage device. The guy who owns this company started out printing the devices himself on a home version 3D printer. It uses a much less durable plastic than the medical-grade nylon used by the commercial printing companies. I have one of the early home-printed versions. Now, like the Cherry Keeper, you order your own parts directly from Shapeways and your lock from It’s a fairly confusing process.

My most recent 3D-printed male chastity device is the Evotion Orion. This device is in a class by itself. It’s unique. Evotion started out making, errr…printing devices to be worn with pierced penises. Most of their models are designed for the pierced. They always had one or two models for those of us without holes in our cocks. Fairly recently they came out with the Orion model. Aside from being beautiful, almost delicate, it fits like a glove. Their measuring instructions are clear and easy to follow. The resulting product is a joy to wear.

The device is in three sections: a base ring, shaft cover, and head cover. The shaft cover has a ring molded on the inside at the front. You lock the shaft section to the base ring — yes it has two locks — and then pull the penis back until just the glans protrudes. The ring inside the shaft cover helps prevent the glans from slipping back. You then lock on the head cover. Everything is securely locked into place.

When the dog ate part of my shaft cover, I discovered another wonderful benefit of 3D-printed devices: reprints are easy to get. Evotion charges a lot less than getting a new device to reprint yours. I guess it’s a sort of chastity insurance.


  1. Here’s a prime example of how modern technology makes our lives easier!

  2. You know I’ve been reading you for a long time. That first manufacturer posed me off too. I thought they should have done a much better job serving you. Foolish of them to treat one of the preeminent chastity bloggers so poorly.

    1. Author

      I was pretty surprised. What bothered me the most was that if they were willing to treat me so badly, imagine how they treat people that don’t have a lot of experience with chastity devices. It seemed to me that they took advantage of this ignorance by blaming the purchaser and claiming it was their ignorance to J claim there was a problem with the product. In case anyone has forgotten who I am talking about, it’s Custom Chastity from Australia.

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