A Little Oopsy For Each Of Us

I finally waxed Lion last night. We got caught up with setting up the new sound bar and I thought it was a bit too late to do it on Monday. Since he’s lost weight, he can get up and maneuver around on the massage table much easier. He asked if there was less of him to wax. I know he has a smaller tummy, but I didn’t notice a change in the area to be waxed. It might have been because the hair was longer since we waited long between waxing, and I was concentrating on that.

When he was done with his shower, we tried another boner shot. I’ve been helping him find a good location for the shot. Well, I should say I’ve been helping him find a location. Last night it was not a good location. He says it was too close to the head. Maybe he should select the location from now on and I’ll be in charge of missing any veins. He didn’t get hard and told me I was holding him too hard. I was barely touching him, so it could have been the injection site causing the problem. We can try again tonight.

That was my oopsy. His oopsy was forgetting to send me an email this morning. Of course, I didn’t look until after noon, but that means he was super late. He was busy trying to get this site fixed. I could be nice and forgive him, but I think he should abide by his rules unless there’s a good reason for not doing so. It’s not like he was sick.

I should strap him onto the spanking bench before his shower so he’ll have some time before the boner injection. I don’t want to cut it too close. I’d say we can wait until after dinner for the shot, but he tends to take an after-dinner snooze, and then we never make it to sexy time.

Assuming we hit the right spot and the boner shot works, this may be the last test before I do some BDSM with him. Up to this time, I’ve been concerned with how long the boner will last and whether there would be time to torture him. The other concern was whether he’d ever have another orgasm. I think torture will only enhance his ability to orgasm.

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