Writer’s Block

We’ve been having a nice long weekend. Mrs. Lion has spent a lot of time on her computer and iPad. I’ve been relaxing too. I’m going to start writing my next book this week. I have to admit to feeling a little silly doing it. So far, no agent has expressed any interest in selling my last book. Yes, I know that it is very difficult to get published. Isn’t it silly to keep writing if no one wants to buy my work?

My biggest problem is that I seem unable to write a good query letter. This is the document that agents or their interns read first. If it piques their interest, they will read the first pages of the manuscript. If that holds their attention, they will request the entire book. So far, I haven’t gotten to that last stage with anyone. I’ve come to see that, for the most part, literary agents are mostly middle-aged real estate saleswomen who are frustrated writers. Some, work with Writer’s Digest to charge hapless authors like me to read their query letters and offer help.

They don’t help. They just want the money they are paid by the poor souls desperate to be published. There’s a thriving industry of webinars, classes, books, and “editorial services” supported by people who just want someone to publish their book. It’s easy to get sucked in. I attended my share of these “classes” and learned nothing.

Am I a good enough writer to sell books? Dunno. I think I am. I also think that there are thousands of other people who are good enough to sell books. The one piece of advice I was given that I think is actually worth something is that I should never give up. I’m told that I have a good “voice.” That’s half the battle, the “experts” say. OK, I believe them. The other half is finding a main character who people will love. I thought I had one. Apparently not.

So, for the third time, I’ll try again. Who knows? Maybe the third try is a charm. Wish me luck.

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  1. Wierd – your blog is coming up looking like html. Not on the main page where you can see multiple blogs, but when you click through to just one blog to leave a comment. Happens on two different browsers on two different devices. All the individual blog posts are doing this.

    1. Author

      We found the problem. It’s a plugin that decided to mess up the site. I’m working with the company who created it to find a fix. Meanwhile, all is well. Thanks for calling out the problem!

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