Lion was very tired yesterday. He never made it into his office. He snoozed on and off while watching TV. We’ve both been tired for a few days. I was falling asleep at my desk on Thursday. I don’t know if the heat finally got to us or what happened. He was apologetic for being a lump, but why would I be mad at him for being tired? Around 3 pm he said he hadn’t set up the coffee pot. I knew. I didn’t expect him to. If he can’t make it out of bed, he can’t very well make it to the kitchen.

We snuggled while we watched TV. I didn’t try to revive Mr. Weenie. I was trying to figure out if the horny pills were making him tired. He hasn’t taken any for a while. He doesn’t think they work. The other night, he tried the “travel” version of the boner shot. It’s only one of the drugs in Trimix. It seemed to work just fine all by itself. Again, I thought he was heading straight for an orgasm, but no dice. He was even bucking his hips. That’s usually a sure sign he’s on his way.

I don’t know what he thinks about when I’m sucking him. Toward the end of my sex-wanting days, when Lion had been trying so hard to lick me to orgasm, I thought about how lucky I was to have him and that he’d do anything for me. I think if I’d been concentrating too hard on having an orgasm, I don’t think I would have. Is that his problem? Is he thinking, “This is it. I might actually get there.” I’ve heard when guys are at the edge and they’re trying not to orgasm before their wives/girlfriends, they think about work or mowing the lawn. Some mundane thing to keep their mind off of coming. Maybe Lion should be thinking about whether he set up the coffee pot or about making a batch of stew for the winter.

Now that he feels better, we’ll have to try for that elusive orgasm again. Maybe he needs another spanking to get him going.

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