lion strapped to spanking bench for punishment

Maybe Mrs. Lion’s disciplinary side is emerging again. On Tuesday night, I got my overdue spanking. Mrs. Lion strapped me to the spanking bench. She used the shorter strap that, in the past, couldn’t get around my body. Now, it fits easily. All that weight loss shows up when I’m strapped down to the spanking bench. Speaking of which, bondage was necessary.

Mrs. Lion meant business. She started off with her large leather paddle and then advanced to heavy rubber and wood. I was yelping loud enough for the neighbors to hear me. There was some blood. I think that her wood paddles blister my bottom, and then some may break. The blood didn’t stop her. She didn’t even pause to wipe the blood off me or her paddle. It was certainly a proper spanking. Oddly, I don’t feel any aftereffects. I guess it was all sting and not enough thud to bruise my bottom.

When she finished, she commented that she must have hit me at least 300 times, and the spanking took ten minutes. Mrs. Lion didn’t set a timer, so I had no idea how long my beating lasted. It was absolutely no fun. It’s hard for me to tell, but I think Mrs. Lion wanted to send me a message not to interrupt her. Most of the time, it seems to me that she spanks me because it’s what she’s supposed to do. You know, no emotional content. This time it felt like she had more of a sense of purpose.

I may be completely wrong. Since she is silent when she spanks me, I don’t get any clear indication of her feelings beyond the force and speed of her paddles. This is an area we could probably improve. I don’t expect a “lecture.” That isn’t her style. But it would be helpful to get a message like, “I’m unhappy that you keep cutting me off. I hope this spanking will teach you to behave. By the time I finish, you’ll know I’m serious about this.”

A statement like that might help both of us. After all, we have two flavors of disciplinary spankings. One is the “Just Because” spanking. That’s delivered as a way to remind both of us of our disciplinary relationship. It also covers offenses that Mrs. Lion didn’t want to call out. The second, and more serious spanking, is delivered for specific offenses. Those are the ones that could benefit from a statement of purpose like the one I suggested.

Even though it may seem obvious why I’m being spanked, it’s helpful to me if a statement of purpose precedes the spanking. It guarantees that I will be thinking of Mrs. Lion’s words while she spanks me. That’s a very helpful educational tool.

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