So far the cabergoline isn’t working. I’m still anorgasmic after more than eleven weeks. I increased the dose to .5 mg. That’s as high as I was told to go. It looks like prolactin isn’t my problem. Maybe it is psychological. I just don’t know. Perhaps the universe is telling me that it’s time to give up on sex. Mrs. Lion seems happy without it. It would be more than a little ironic that a male chastity blogger lost his ability to get off. He also lost the ability to get an erection without help. What does a sex blogger write about if he can’t have sex? What does he do with his need for it? When do I just give up?

We tried again on Saturday night. I gave myself a Trimix shot and was rewarded with a good erection. Mrs. Lion gave me oral sex. It felt great…and then it didn’t. Same problem as before. I had a feeling that if Mrs. Lion could go on long enough, the arousal would return. The problem was that it was already taking too long. I’m also pretty sure that I was fooling myself.

I don’t know if Mrs. Lion wants to keep trying. If she does, maybe we need to do more. I don’t know. Right now, I’m feeling sad and a little lost. I don’t see a path to success. I guess I’ll go watch a movie on TV.

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  1. “When do I just give up?”
    I know this has been a focus several times. I have commented before as I have the same question which seems like a quandary for me but all men must deal with it eventually.
    My wife still enjoys an orgasm, but some times it is just too much effort as it gets more difficult to achieve.
    I have considered that the time will come that I can not physically get erect or orgasm. What if I still am interested in sex? Our foray into orgasm denial and control has been for me an experiment in orgasmless sex. Although I still love an orgasm, I have learned to have a very nice sexual encounter without orgasm, just as you can have great sex without intercourse. I know that your spankings are for discipline but we had a nice sexual session recently where she whipped me with a braided rope. Now I am apparently a masochist so I found it very arousing, but it was a deeply connecting activity, helped along by her very creative commentary about the people in the hallway outside our hotel room. I have also enjoyed anal sex and considered that someday perhaps I would not be able to have sex with my penis and that my ass would become the center of attention.
    Maybe the path less travelled will show the way.

    1. Author

      Interesting thought. Well, Mrs. Lion makes sure my rear gets good attention. For now, I’m trying to chill and see what happens.

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