Reaching My Aha Moment

Last week, I had a meeting at work. Toward the end, someone from HR’s well-being crew spoke about meditation and stress release. The company is very big on hippy dippy stuff like that. However, this time he said something that made a lot of sense. It’s normal to feel stress. You deal with it and it goes away. But there are times when you can’t/don’t deal with it. He gave the example of the pandemic. Some people got very stressed and had no way to deal with things because their normal outlets (going to the gym, meeting friends for coffee, etc.) weren’t available. The usual stress-release pattern became stress-stress. Too much of that can cause burnout. Aha!

For a while, I’ve felt burnt out. I couldn’t figure out why my reaction to things around here was to get snippy with Lion. He needs help. The bed needs to be changed. When is the last time I did laundry. He’s hungry. The dog needs a bath. Argh! I’m not dealing with stress well.

Of course, realizing what the problem is and solving it are two different things. “All I have to do is” learn how to meditate. Cool. Another thing on my plate. “All I have to do is” find a nice quiet spot to decompress. Yeah. Sure. I have laundry to do and a bed to change. And I’m not sure there is such a thing as a quiet spot around here. The TV is usually on and the dog has no boundaries. If I’m sitting somewhere, she has to be with me, usually petting her or playing.

I know what you’re thinking: spanking Lion is a good stress reliever. I guess if I didn’t have to pay so much attention to hitting him in the right spot or how hard I’m hitting, it might be. If it was second nature, maybe I could go on auto-pilot and get in the zone. [Lion — I don’t think Mrs. Lion needs to worry so much about where and how hard she hits. She’s been doing it for years. Maybe try strapping me down and just “doing it” without worrying about technique. I’m up for it. Another thing. When people get good at a sport that is demanding, it still becomes a stress reliever because there is satisfaction in doing a good job.]

I do have to spank him. Not to take out my frustrations, but because I said I’d do it more often. It might help him in the orgasm department. He has an appointment with the urologist tomorrow. Maybe she can shed some light on what’s going on with my weenie.

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