Still No Cream Filling

The boner juice may be good for getting it up, but it’s been quite a letdown. Lion got a very nice erection on Monday. I had fun sucking him. It seems like he’s getting to the edge. I swear I taste pre-cum. And then he says he doesn’t think it will happen. Damn. I thought I had him.

He wonders if the problem is the cock ring. We assume he needs one since he tends to lose his erection when he lies on the bed. As soon as he stands up, the erection comes back. Maybe he doesn’t need such a clunky one. He’s tried other ones without much luck. Obviously, we don’t have an answer. All we have is speculation.

I asked if he’s found other reports of erections without being able to orgasm. He doesn’t know how to search for that. I guess it was never listed as any sort of side effect or he would have found it. We go back to the urologist August 1. Maybe she’ll have some insight.

For now, we’ll keep trying. I don’t know how much more boner juice he has left. Hopefully it’s enough for a few more tries before the appointment. I know it’s disheartening, but I’m not giving up as long as Lion wants to try.