Last night Lion asked if he should take a boner pill. I said if he thought he’d need it I guess he should take one. This was before his punishment swats and mouth soaping. I only made him hold the soap for a minute and a half. It was probably too short. Afterwards he said I had previously decided not to use soap anymore. Well, yes. I remember saying that. Now. But I didn’t before I soaped his mouth.

I don’t know why I decided to soap him again. I think it was because he broke the bar of soap and when I saw it in the shower it looked like the perfect size for his mouth. I didn’t do it to punish him for breaking the soap. It just unleashed a course of events.

For a while afterwards Lion complained of having a horrible taste in his mouth. Yup. I bet. But it was a clean taste. Small consolation.

Lion did take a boner pill. I still decided to use the Magic Wand on him. It isn’t just for when he has trouble getting an erection. I was merciless with it. As soon as he got to the edge I stopped and started right in again. After at least five times I let him go over the edge. And then I fed him his cum. When he made a face I told him it was to cure the horrible taste in his mouth.

I didn’t plan to give him an orgasm. I didn’t plan to feed him his cum. They were just spur of the moment decisions. Why not? And trying to interact the horrible taste of the soap with the horrible (he thinks) taste of cum is funny. To me. Lion didn’t seem too amused by it. Oh well.

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    I favor a shorter time for the soap as well. Less chance of burning them, but same lingering taste. I also love delivering a short intense spanking with my husband holding the bar of soap in his mouth. The mouth soaping is something they really don’t like! Very appropriate way of helping him get the taste out of his mouth as well. Ha ha!

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