Ready. Set. GO!

I read Lion’s posts from yesterday and today. I know the boner juice can only get us so far. I wasn’t aware of exactly how uncomfortable the injections were. I know something needs to be done. I’m not stupid. I also know it’s going to take time. At least, that’s what I thought.

I had no idea Lion had his erotic daydream that resulted in the beginning of a boner until I read about it. Yesterday was full of the landlord replacing our dishwasher and a trip for Lion’s lab work. We haven’t been eating lunch, so when we got back, it was already dinner time, and Lion was hungry.

When we finally settled in for the night, Lion was under the blankets and I was on top, but I still tried playing with my weenie. As you might expect, nothing much happened. I mean, he said it felt good. But he didn’t automatically spring to life. It was just an attempt at getting things moving in the right direction. Later on, Lion said something about trying harder next time. I told him he couldn’t expect to go from zero to a hundred right away. He said ten miles per hour would be nice.

I thought maybe I’d spank him and play with my weenie again to work our way up. Nope. Zero to a hundred. I’d think it would be more organic to ramp up slowly, but if he wants IcyHot right off the bat, so be it. I also thought he was leaning toward going back to our emails to build anticipation. You can’t really build anticipation if you’re stomping on the gas. I guess he knows what he needs.

[Lion — I like the idea of a slow buildup. I just gave some ideas in my post. I can hold off on the injection for a while. I agree that a spanking is long overdue. I’m happy to let Mrs. Lion take the lead. Just say when you want me to use the Trimix, Mrs. Lion.]

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