Mission Accomplished!

We had liftoff! Friday, after Mrs. Lion finished work, I showered, and I gave myself a .35 ml Trimix injection. Within ten minutes, things started happening. I was getting hard! Wow! It was a turn-on feeling my penis start to inflate. My erection wasn’t a full woody, but it was still nice. I wasn’t hard enough to fuck, but that didn’t stop Mrs. Lion. She went to work with her mouth, and within fifteen minutes, I had a nice orgasm.

It had been eleven days since my last ejaculation. This time, there wasn’t as much semen. It felt wonderful. My penis remained partially hard for about two hours. It bent easily, so there was no risk of damage, no matter how long it stayed that way. I think I am getting close to the best dose of the drug. Next time I’ll go to .40 ml. The goal is an insertion-ready boner for at least a half hour.

Mrs. Lion pointed out that even at the current level, I was OK. I disagree. Anyway, the end is near. Thanks to medical science I will be able to be ridden again. The injection didn’t hurt at all. I’ve stopped using the Inject-Ease. It’s too difficult for me to position correctly. The needle is so thin that it is painless. Trimix is an excellent way to get back into action.

We haven’t discussed how this new routine will affect our play. If I need .40 ml of Trimix per boner, I will get about twelve from the 5 ml vial. That comes out to about $10 each. Compared with the boner pills (Viagra and Cialis), which are now available as inexpensive generics, this is expensive. Teasing sessions might be too expensive to continue. We can afford a boner every week-t0-ten-days. Mrs. Lion may need to figure out how to manage sex inside this schedule.

It’s likely that my erections will last at least an hour, plenty of time for BDSM or other activities. Of course, Spankardy, Zapardy, and other games don’t require boners to play. We just have to get back to being more playful. Mrs. Lion’s shoulder has been bothering her, and that doesn’t make it easy for her to be playful.

We’ll have to figure out how we can restore our more playful lifestyle. I’m happy that sex is no longer a problem.


  1. Fantastic news. Very happy for you. It sounds like 0.4 is going to be the number. I can’t wait to hear how that goes.

    1. Author

      I’m hoping .40 will work. It’s possible I may need to go higher. Thisis a very weird process.

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