Our Most Intimate Connection

Maybe I should stop researching Trimix. I’ve been reading articles written by MD’s on how to use the drug. Everyone agrees that you can only use it once a day and no more than three times a week. My doctor wants me to wait two days between injections. I’ll almost certainly wait at least that long once I get an effective dose.

One doctor wrote that the drug should produce a good erection only when the penis is stimulated. She also says that the erection should go down after orgasm. No one else said this. I’ve been waiting for a self-starting boner that lasts at least an hour. That is the expected effect according to everyone else. I also learned that most men need a .25 to .5 ml injection to get that result. On Monday, I’ll go to .20. The idea is to get the lowest possible dose to produce the desired boner.

I’m sorry if this ED talk is boring you. I want to share my experiences as a way to help others with the same issues as I have. It was difficult for me to make this move. I wish I had done it years ago. If I did, maybe Mrs. Lion would still have her libido. I’m surprised that I didn’t. Maybe I’m not really as open about sex as I imagined. Better late than never, I suppose.

There are choices we can make when a sexual dysfunction hits. One choice, the easiest one, is just to stop having sex. If arousal is difficult or impossible without medical help, resigning from an active sex life is a simple choice. I’ve considered going down this path. After all, if I can’t get it up and I’m not feeling physically frustrated, ending sex is easy. There are times I just want to put a “Broken” sign on my penis and go on with my life.

Doing this would make it easier for Mrs. Lion. Dealing with my sexual needs is a chore I’m sure she doesn’t need. After all, it’s been more than a month since my last orgasm. I’m still here and writing. I’m losing weight. I’m not beating the dog or annoying my lioness. Why should I go to the trouble and expense of getting orgasmic again? I’ve asked myself this question many times in the last month. Do I need sex?

I am pretty sure I do. Yes, I can go on without erections and ejaculating. We can still practice domestic discipline. We can snuggle without sex. I don’t think we will. Sex is more than orgasms. It’s a language of its own that communicates love and commitment. It’s the one big thing that is exclusive to our marriage. That’s why I think it’s so important that I get my erections back and that we keep our sexual connection.


  1. Please do keep updating us on the trimix saga. It is wonderful to have real experiences available on the net, and they don’t get there unless people make the effort (as you are). To communicate the benefit that you are providing, I use occasionally but had not heard of trimix. I had also not heard of that easy injector either.
    I think that we all get to a point where it is easier to put the “broken” sign up and move on (certainly the case for both my wife and it), but intimacy is important however you achieve it.
    Regarding the injection quantity, you are a better person than me… I’d be sticking in a much greater increase each time until I got the desired outcome and then trying to figure out where the correct dose was.

    1. Author

      You really can’t increase the dose too quickly. Too much will cause priapism (hard for four hours or more) that will damage the penis permanently. If the erection lasts more than 3 1/2 hours, head for the ER.

  2. Sorry, use viagra occasionally…

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