Third Time’s a Charm

I am wondering if Lion is rushing things. I understand he wants to figure out the correct dosage for his boner injection, but three days in a row seems like too much. The doctor or nurse said to wait 48 hours between doses. Everything Lion read said 24 hours. I think everyone agrees on only three doses per week. Today’s dose is the third and final for the week. Obviously, we can still snuggle and I can try to arouse him, but no more boner juice for four days.

Once we’ve figured out the dose, I hope we can vary when we play. Lion advocates doing the injection before starting. I think that would depend how long he stays hard afterwards. We won’t really know that right away. It’s all trial and error for now.

A while ago, I made a rule that Lion has to use the treadmill. I don’t even remember how many times a week he had to use it. It hasn’t mattered since either he’s been sick or the treadmill has been blocked by boxes and other things. I need to clean up the place so it’s consistently clean for him to use it. If he’s sick, he won’t be required to use it, but he will other times.

This weekend, Lion needs to be waxed. He hoped it would have been done this past weekend, but I was busy with the fence and the lawn. Since I need to clean up the pantry in order to wax him, I’ll try to get more of the house cleaned. A lot of stuff can go in the basement. The nicer weather makes that easier because I have to trek stuff out the front door, around the side of the house to the basement door. Not so easy in the rain. Apparently, I’m starting my spring cleaning a little later than everyone else.