Poor Timing

We did nothing this weekend. I tried Saturday night, but Lion said it was too late. He’d been sleeping earlier in the evening. I could have woke him up, but I hate to do that. Last night, he seemed involved with a TV show. Yes, he could have paused it. I moved over and we held hands.

Around 10, he asked why I didn’t snuggle. I pointed out that I moved over. He said all I did was hold hands. I think it all comes down to initiation again. If I move over, does that mean I’m initiating? If he asks me to snuggle, does that mean he’s initiated? If I rub my weenie under the covers, is that initiating?

Lion thinks I’m not playing with him because there’s no possibility of erection. For all I knew, he might not have gotten an erection any of the times we played in the past. Sometimes he did. Sometimes he didn’t. I think we’ve just had poor timing lately. And poor initiation.

While Lion is in the shower this afternoon, I’ll change the bed. Once he gets warmed up after his shower, I’ll see if I can get my weenie to stand up for me. Maybe I’ll tie his balls up to get him in the mood. My goal is to get him excited. The problem is that I don’t want to keep trying if he isn’t getting there. I don’t want to annoy him.

Now, on to the weenie injections. Lion says he’ll be available for all of my sexual needs once he’s hard. What sexual needs? As far as I’m concerned, since I don’t have any, he already meets my sexual needs. Yes, I do want him to have erections because I want to play with him. I want cream filling. I don’t need orgasms for me. If he’s hard, I can ride him for his own orgasm, not mine.

Since I’m on the subject, does the injection guarantee an orgasm? Or is it just more likely to have one because he’s able to stay erect? There have been times that he’s been hard, but still unable to have an orgasm. Is it two different mechanisms?