Running in Circles

Some days are just frustrating. I feel like I can’t get going today. I got some feedback from a trainer that I didn’t do as well on the second set of tasks as I did on the first. No problem. I’m in training. However, it takes some brain power to correct what I did wrong. I was interrupted by having to go to the department of licensing because the stupid dealership couldn’t do things correctly.

We got home and I tried to get my brain in gear again but Lion’s scanner isn’t working. It’s not something that has to happen right now. Of course it does. I already told him I can scan stuff in for him. But that wouldn’t be right now either. And, by the way, when do I want to eat lunch?

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten one thing done at work. Well, I read the email telling me what I did wrong, but that’s nothing substantial. I feel like I’m running in circles. On the plus side, Lion seems to be feeling better. He wouldn’t be messing around with the scanner if he wasn’t.

After lunch he asked me if I was writing a post. About what? No idea. We haven’t done anything sexual and apparently I have time to write one, so at least I got something done today. I’m off to try to restart my day for the umpteenth time today.