Lion didn’t eat breakfast this morning. He was too tired. I let him sleep for a long time even though we were supposed to be at the car dealership at 11:30. They hadn’t done anything they were supposed to do when they said they’d do it, so I didn’t feel any need to be on time. When we got there, the guy we were supposed to be meeting wasn’t coming. Instead, his staff ran around in circles trying to fix things. Then we had to sign “some paperwork”. We waited well over an hour for the finance guy to be free. He handed Lion a paper (a paper, one paper, one single paper) to initial and then we were done. I was pissed. No one else could have brought this paper out for him to initial? What a waste of time.

The problem with Lion not eating and being tired is that I was worried he was all wobbly like the time he fell and had “the episode”. He didn’t respond to me for a few minutes. He’d been sick, so it’s possible that he was dehydrated. He may also have had low blood sugar. I didn’t want him to fall again. I asked if he needed food and he said he wasn’t hungry. I didn’t care if he was hungry. If his blood sugar was low or if he was feeling bad, chances are that food would have helped.

To add to the wasted day, we went to KFC to get him a chicken pot pie. They were out but some were cooking if we wanted to wait. We’d just spent time waiting at the dealership. Off to Burger King. On the sign out front it advertised an Italian crispy chicken sandwich. I tried to order it. The guy taking the order didn’t understand that we wanted two sandwiches and two drinks. When we got to the window, we asked if they were the Italian chicken sandwiches. I guess it was the manager who said they don’t have those anymore. Okie dokie. Another waste of time. But at least Lion felt a little better.

He’s sleeping again, but I’m less worried about him being wobbly. I doubt he’ll be looking for love tonight. If he does, I’ll take care of him. If he doesn’t, I’ll still take care of him.

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