More Car Drama

After dinner, as I was heading to do the dishes, I told Lion I’d be back to whomp his butt. He groaned. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he doesn’t like to be spanked. Silly boy.

It wasn’t a punishment spanking. Not really. It was more of a refresher course for his tushy. I decided to use a leather paddle. As he soon found out, leather can hurt quite a bit. Or it can be for less intense spanking. I did a mix of both. Of course, once I hit hard, it hurts no matter how lightly I think I’m swatting. At the very end, a few seconds after the five-minute timer went off, I gave him a few hard swats. Sort of like the “pinch to grow an inch” you give birthday spankees. I doubt the effect lasted long. His buns were only rosy and there wasn’t even a drop of blood. Not that I was trying to make him bleed. It’s just a sign that he’ll be feeling things for a while.

When we snuggled under the covers, I played with my weenie. I didn’t expect anything to happen. It was late-ish and under the covers nookie doesn’t usually do much for him. Still, he apologized for not responding. We watched TV and he snoozed a bit.

I’d like to say we’ll play earlier this weekend, but tomorrow we have to head back to the car dealership. Lion is usually hard on dealerships when we buy a car, but I’ve never seen one quite as deserving of a no-star rating. He’s been on the phone with them almost non-stop for a month. The latest screw up is the registration. Rather than register it under the vanity plates we have, they got all new plates. And we’re pretty sure the registration doesn’t have the handicapped designation. Next time we buy a car, I think we’ll do a little more research about the dealership and not just the car. We’ve bought seven cars from four different dealerships since we’ve been in Washington and we’ve never had this much trouble. It’s a good thing the car is nice. I don’t think either of us could handle a bad car from a bad dealership.

Anyway, I hope we won’t be too tired and frustrated to play this weekend.