I’m An Off-Topic Lion–Sometimes

Yesterday, in my post “The Governor And The Mouse,” I went off-topic to talk about Ron DeSantis and the Florida Republican vendetta against The Walt Disney Company. I’ve only done this a few times in the past. I thought a lot about making this move before I did it. Other bloggers, notably right-wing sex bloggers, have used their platforms to support their political positions. It’s tempting since their blogs are popular. Well, so is ours.

I understand that you probably came here to read about sex, male chastity, and domestic discipline. Over 99.9% of our posts are on-brand. I also understand if you don’t particularly care about the non-sexual topics I occasionally discuss. I don’t want to be snotty, but too bad. We pay to publish our blog and can make the editorial choices that we want.

The reason I decided to add non-sexual content is that I know most of the people who practice male chastity and domestic discipline are intelligent. We are willing to go our own ways. I’m hoping that also means our community thinks about what’s happening in the world today.

This winter, unprecedented storms have killed thousands of people. Our weather has become harsher. This is because our atmosphere is more energetic thanks to global warming. We are in a difficult time. It’s made worse by the ease of disseminating fake news. I do my best to be accurate in what I discuss. Since I pick and choose what I write, there is a natural bias to my posts. However, I make sure my facts are correct.

When it comes to some subjects, I only know what I read. Other knowledge comes from direct experience. Of course, I have strong feelings about some subjects. That doesn’t mean that I write about all of them. I only write about those that are particularly important to me and seem to be getting weak coverage in the news.

Anyway, I’m sorry if you didn’t get what you wanted yesterday or today. I promise that tomorrow my post will be sexual.


  1. Mr. Lion. You provide some great insight on a number of subjects. Keep it up!

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