Cheating on the Diet

I have been battling a sinus headache for about a week. Sudafed helps, but it isn’t great if you have high blood pressure, so I’ve been trying to avoid it if I can. The doctor recommended Flonase. It will take a while to kick in, though. Anyway, my eyeballs feel squished, so I haven’t been a happy camper.

As I’m sure you’ve read, Lion has been having more than his share of issues lately. I don’t know if symptom A caused or was caused by symptom B. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. He’s feeling better although still not quite 100%. He’s got an MRI scheduled for Tuesday. I hope we’ll know more after that.

We’re continuing on our diet. When the power in the kitchen was out, I moved the microwave onto the stove to make room for the electrician. I managed to accidentally turn on the stove and burned the rubber foot on the microwave. It seemed okay for a day, but then it started making a weird noise and smelling like wires burning. Luckily, most of our food can be made in either the microwave or conventional oven. It was an adventure trying to figure out how to steam a veggie the other night, though. How did they do it in the good old days? I figured it out. My mother would have been proud.

When Lion wasn’t feeling well, he was craving chocolate shakes. That’s sort of his go-to thing. He wanted homemade chicken soup, but we didn’t have any in the freezer. I gave him whatever he wanted to eat and didn’t consider it cheating on his diet. I just wanted him to feel better.

After work, I’ll go get our replacement microwave, and we’ll be cheating a bit for dinner with pizza and a salad. Of course, the salad has all sorts of bad things in it, so maybe we’ll skip it. It’s a really good salad, but it probably has as many calories as the pizza. We’ll be back on the diet tomorrow.