Let’s Take Our Time

I was going to write a post partially addressing Lion’s post from this morning. Then the power went out. It was supposed to be back on by noon and my UPS had enough power to get me through. And, surprisingly, the internet was still working. Then they delayed power restoration. I set the generator up, and this time it seemed to go more smoothly.

At lunch, I was still planning to write a post. I forgot and then we lost internet. When I first started my job, I was told my connection had to be wired. Working from Starbucks using their Wi-Fi isn’t allowed. It makes sense. I deal with some sensitive information. I did, however, think I might be able to use my phone in emergencies. Apparently not. Just after I got off the phone with support, the power came back on.

For some reason, the dog decided to help me disconnect the power from the generator and reconnect to house power. If I’m on the floor, I must be ready to play. Nothing will convince her otherwise. Needless to say, it took longer to undo the generator than it did to set it up.

I got signed back into work and start doing my thing, and Lion asks if I’m writing a post. Crap. Now that I’m calmed down from being annoyed by the power failure and all the running around, maybe I can write something coherent.

While I agree with Lion that we need to be more demonstrative with our affection, I have a problem with the requirement that I have orgasms to make him feel good. On the surface, I’d say he has orgasms of his own to feel good. However, I understand what he’s saying. Just like I love giving him orgasms, he loves giving me orgasms. No, my issue is more along the lines of it feeling forced.

We’ve never really been a huggy/kissy foreplay kind of couple. Normally, I’d roll over and start fondling Lion, he’d react, and we’d go from there. Or he’d start fingering me or licking me and go from there. Way back when Lion had an orgasm every night, so I guess things just developed into a shorthand of sorts. There was never really any organic buildup. I don’t remember any urgency as you see in the movies where two people try to rip each other’s clothes off. Maybe that’s part of the problem.

I think we need to start out slowly. Ordinarily, I move over to snuggle with Lion. He doesn’t move, and I understand it’s difficult for him to do so. However, if we’re going to try to do huggy/kissy foreplay, he has to meet me halfway. Or partway. Or some of the way. I think one of the reasons I lost interest in sex is that I had to get both Lion and myself turned on. Eventually, it just made more sense to get Lion turned on.

In my opinion, it’s not going to work if we try to go from zero to sixty to get me to want sex. Maybe we need to spend some time in the school zone until we can head out onto the open road.

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  1. Yes. Work up to the giving of pleasure to each other. It is worth it from my experience. If it is Lion wanting to give you pleasure, whether you orgasm or not, he needs to make a gift of his wanting to. I know that I had such a need with Mistress.

    1. We’re going to try.

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