How We Figured Out Domestic Discipline

I liked Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“Plans for Tonight“). She promised a blow job. Of course, I love that, but it isn’t the main reason I was happy with what she wrote. She went through her reasoning about giving me a five-minute punishment day spanking. She started out by saying that there would be no harm in missing one and then decided that once she began skipping things, she tended to keep skipping them. The temptation to be inconsistent reared its ugly head.

When we began our disciplinary activities, we both were very aware that it would be all too easy to let things fall through the cracks. It happened too many times in the past. We consistently fail to do BDSM play because inertia keeps us comfortably watching TV. We agreed that when it came to male chastity and domestic discipline that we would look for ways to avoid letting things drop.

When we started domestic discipline, I had never been punished by my lioness. She had been spanking me for years as part of BDSM play but never corrected me. She pointed out that she needed “practice” punishing me. Discipline needed to become a habit if it had any chance of becoming part of our marriage. She created a few simple rules that I was bound to break. The idea was that when I broke one, she would spank me.

The first part of that transaction was to catch me breaking a rule. She did a good job at that. However, she didn’t follow through and spanked me. At the time, I was convinced that I should be punished as soon as I broke a rule. I read that punishing close to the offense was best. Since my rules were based on behavior during meals, Mrs. Lion didn’t feel like interrupting dinner to spank me. Most of the time, she would forget to spank me later. We decided to set up punishment days. The idea was that any offenses I committed would be handled on those days. Mrs. Lion designated Monday, Thursday, and Saturday as punishment days. It was my job to remind her on punishment days and also tell her what offenses needed correction.

This worked well since I had a strong incentive (a spanking) to remind her. She generally remembered my offenses without me reminding her. So, for quite a while, punishments were meted out on punishment days. Over time, Mrs. Lion didn’t need designated days to punish me. She had built the habit of spanking me when I broke a rule. Our learning technique worked.

In fact, Mrs. Lion came to enjoy catching me breaking rules. It was a sort of game to her. She never learned to get pleasure from spanking me, but accepted it as part of the game. Now, years later, she still doesn’t get pleasure from spanking me, but doesn’t mind doing it either. It’s just something she needs to do as my wife.

My biggest mistake in the beginning was being so serious about domestic discipline. Everything I had read about it said it was serious punishment designed to modify behavior. My mistake was to insist that Mrs. Lion approach it as some sort of stern disciplinarian. That’s not her nature. What I actually wanted was for her to punish me for lapses that upset her or made me less than I could be. It didn’t matter one bit how she approached it.

For example, my first rule was that I couldn’t spill food on my shirt. I did that several times a week. It was a sure thing in the catch-me-breaking-a-rule game. Mrs. Lion found she liked catching me. She didn’t care much for the spanking but realized it was part of the deal. Over time, she got used to being my disciplinary wife. Catching and punishing me became routine. Also, over time, I broke fewer rules, and spankings were further apart. It was a good thing for me. Mrs. Lion has become a very severe spanker. Not so good was that the more time that passed without spanking me, the less attentive Mrs. Lion became.

A few weeks ago we decided that I would be spanked on each punishment day. The idea was to wake up the “game” for Mrs. Lion. It helps her return to her old, consistent self. I haven’t broken any rules yet or annoyed her, so we don’t know if this new, painful routine is working. She seems to think it is.