I have been trying to clean up around here. Ironically, before I was fired, I said I needed a vacation. Apparently, the bosses were listening. So, it’s been almost two months, and I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff, but not really making any headway in the cleaning department. Yesterday, I finally started the generator. We had a power outage the other day, and we were a bit nervous about whether the generator would start after all this time. It took a little bit, but it started. And then I put the cover on it, to protect it when it’s sitting in the rain or snow, giving Lion’s TV the juice it needs. And I cleaned the kitchen table off so we can eat at it. And I cleared out some other stuff that’s been sitting around. The point is, I’ve been doing things.

Since I normally sit on my butt all day, it’s strenuous to be bending and lifting and moving around. I know it’s good for me, but it hurts. My shoulder has been bad for a while. Bad how? It hurts. No real diagnosis. I also sleep on the sore shoulder. And my back hurts from waxing Lion and fiddling with the generator. Anyway, I’m as stiff as an old lady. Lion is worried about me. He keeps telling me to rest. Being sedentary is what got me in this predicament. I really should keep moving.

Lion wasn’t sure if he was horny last night or not. Rather than setting up the massage table or even getting up to see if I could rouse him (see above), I just tried playing with my weenie while we snuggled. That’s not the best way to rouse a sleeping weenie, at least his sleeping weenie. It might work on others. I don’t care about others. I’ll have to get myself moving today to see if Lion is really not horny or if he just needs some encouragement. (He laughs at me when I snap my fingers and say, “Come on. Up. Up.” as encouragement.) I’ll do better than that. Maybe if I threaten him with the menthol rub again. Will he magically get hard if I snap my fingers and tell him he’ll get a hot racing stripe if he doesn’t? I doubt it.

If I tie him to the bed, he won’t have any say in the matter. I haven’t done that in a long time. Just the action of restraining him might produce an erection. We’ll have to give that a try. I guess I need to clean up some more so I can find the restraints.

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