Yes, I was supposed to ask. Lion said he was horny yesterday, but by the time I got to him (a combination of both of us doing things) he didn’t seem horny. Of course, it was under the blankets, and I was rubbing my weenie. This isn’t necessarily the way to get him all revved up. He made some purring noises, but he never really got hard. I should have checked to see if he was still horny and maybe offered a different kind of stimulation.

Today, I’m tackling the laundry. It’s a continuation of the mountain of bedding. We have a lot of comforters, and I tend to let them pile up before I wash them all. I also ordered groceries and cleaned the kitchen a little bit. Lion asked if I’d wax him today. I said maybe. However, I have to clean up the pantry to even think about waxing. It’s not only things that are on the waxing table. I need to reorganize things. If all that wasn’t enough, I think I have a cold. I did a COVID test just to be sure it wasn’t that. It isn’t.

Anyway, when Lion is done editing his book, he’ll take a shower. I like spanking freshly showered butts. Well, his, anyway. I’ve never spanked anyone else’s butt, freshly showered or otherwise. I’ll let him get warm under the blankets, and then I’ll whomp him for five minutes. He’s been a good boy. There’s no need for ten minutes. Since I’m spanking him before dinner, maybe I can have a do-over for last night. I don’t know if he’s horny, but I can try. Sometimes I can be very persuasive, especially if I offer to suck him.

Tomorrow, I can reorganize the pantry while I’m waiting for the wax to melt. He’s a very furry boy.

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