Lioness Yips

Thursday night was Mrs. Lion’s first add-on punishment for growling at the TV. In her post yesterday, “Not What Either of Us Expected,” she confessed to having trouble administering the second five minutes of my spanking. In fact, she questioned spanking me for relatively minor rules like forgetting to close the shower door. She managed to give me a full ten minutes, but from my perspective, she wasn’t trying very hard. Click here to see the result of the spanking.

We talked about it on Friday. She is experiencing difficulty now that subjective offenses have been added. She understands and agreed to soldier through this issue. We also added a new rule: I get punished if I leave lights on. This is particularly true of the kitchen light, but applies to the lights in any room I leave without turning them off. This rule will give Mrs. Lion more chances to catch me breaking a rule–that’s a favorite lioness game. It will also help balance spankings she is comfortable administering with the ones that bother her.

I suggested that she might want to use wood paddles at least part of the time. She used leather on Thursday and it wasn’t difficult for me to take. That is probably due to her not hitting hard enough with the leather. I’m sure with more punishment day practice, she can make leather hurt as much as wood. The only reason to add wood to the mix is to bridge the gap until she works out her leather technique. Practice makes perfect and allows her to compare the effects of the two types of paddles on an A-B testing basis.

It’s important to me that Mrs. Lion get back into the swing of things. I do best at correcting my ways if I’m afraid of the consequences. Thursday’s spanking was more like a BDSM session than a typical lioness paddling. I’m sure that she will get over her temporary problem and make me regret each growl.