I don’t get it. We’re both home all day, and neither of us has a job. It doesn’t matter. Sexual activity has to wait until after dark, way after dark. In the past, Mrs. Lion said that she needed some “me” time after working all day. She said that if we did anything after 5 PM, when she finished work, dinner would be too late.

OK, now we don’t have that problem. Yes, I’m working on writing and finding an agent, but nothing bad will happen if I’m interrupted. Mrs. Lion is looking for work. That doesn’t take up her entire day. We still have to wait until way after dark.

It could be that Mrs. Lion doesn’t think about sex. She doesn’t want any for herself. The last time we had vaginal sex was years ago. Why should she think about sex? It’s something she doesn’t want. Maybe she needs to see my naked body in bed to remind her. Lately, when she approaches, we snuggle, and sometimes she will fondle my cock while we watch TV. I really like that, but it isn’t going to get my motor running very fast.

She mentioned the Box O’Fun. Nothing happened beyond writing about it. She wrote about using the bondage equipment. We only used it once months ago. She wrote about play spankings, clothespins, and anal activities too. Same lack of action.

There’s a good reason nothing happens. Sex o’clock is too late for that stuff. It’s more than that. No matter how good the intentions, if she gets no pleasure from doing stuff, she won’t make that stuff a priority. BDSM and sex play require inspiration. It’s no different than writing. You need a reason to write. You need ideas. You need the courage to try things that might not work. You need to expend the energy to do it.

Sex and sexual play are no different. The Internet is full of ideas. Our posts offer prompts for activities that can be tried. These activities need practice to perfect. It took years for Mrs. Lion to become a world-class spanker. It won’t take that long to perfect other things.

Here’s an idea. Perfect jerking off. Over the years, the tried-and-true technique that Mrs. Lion used to jerk me off became less effective. It wasn’t her fault. My physiology changed. I grew tired of the same old. Maybe we need lube, different hand motions, build-up, and teasing. I don’t know what will work. It’s a chance to learn a new skill.

My point is that for us, the worst time for sex is sex o’clock. We need to make a point of doing intimate things. We need to kiss and hug more. We need to relearn sex, maybe including vaginal sex. It’s way too easy to wait for sex o’clock.

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