Matinee Sex

Lion said he was horny yesterday. He did get hard, but we didn’t get very far. I think, at least as long as I’m jobless, I should swoop down on him after his shower. Sometimes he goes in the bedroom and doesn’t take a shower right away. I should swoop then. Whenever I swoop, it should be earlier than usual. Lion doesn’t like sex in the morning, but he may have a point that he needs it earlier than after dinner.

My operating theory has been that it shouldn’t make a difference when we have sex because Lion has usually napped at some point in the afternoon or early evening. His batteries should be recharged. However, I have a new theory. Normally, when I have a cold, it’s often worse toward late afternoon. There are several factors at work. Perhaps medication has worn off. Perhaps I’ve been awake for long enough that my body decides it’s time to quit. If I’ve been in bed all day, that last theory can’t apply. On the other hand, as the year moves along and the days start to get shorter, maybe my body thinks it’s the end of the day. The sun is fading. Lights out. We’re done. Go to sleep. Maybe that’s what happens to Lion. Of course, he wants sex earlier whether it’s the longest or shortest day of the year, so the metaphor isn’t one hundred percent accurate. Anyway, bear with me, the days are getting shorter. I have to turn on the outside light for the dog earlier and earlier every day. If I had a job, I’d be leaving before dark and coming home in the dark. Ah, winter. You can have it.

So, while I’m unemployed, and since the days are getting shorter, it makes sense to me to go with Lion’s idea of earlier sex or play or whatever you want to call it. When he’s done writing for the day, I’ll consider it time for sex. I don’t know if he needs a break to wind down from writing or not. We can work that out. The point is sex can happen before dinner. If dinner is later in the evening, it shouldn’t be a big deal. If we’re really hungry, we can do dinner first. We are not on any schedules right now. When/if I get a job, we can deal with it then.

It is currently 3:15 pm. Let the fun begin!