I haven’t been sleeping well. It takes me a long time to fall asleep. I’ve been achier. We’ve been dealing with air quality issues from a wildfire that’s about 20 miles away. I had a sinus headache when I tried to go to sleep. I started off today with Lion telling me I lost one of his medications. I’ve been waiting for unemployment to pay me. I knew I needed to call about that. We decided rather than pay for COBRA insurance, I would be added to Lion’s insurance, but he needed to call yesterday to verify that they had the necessary info to add me. In the meantime, my medications have been in limbo.

The good news is that his medication was not lost. It was in a box along with other meds, and I missed it when I looked the other day. My unemployment just needed a little nudge to be processed, and I should get the money by Friday. I should be added to Lion’s insurance by tomorrow. And the job interview I thought was tomorrow is actually in about an hour. All in all, a better middle of the day than the beginning. Let’s hope the interview goes well.

On the flip side, Lion was not interested in sex last night. I asked him how the Lion weather was, and he said it was wintry. Brrrr. It wasn’t entirely unexpected. He’s been working on his book and query letter so he can try to get an agent. He also kept saying we needed to go to Mount Kisco. I knew he meant the local town we moved from, but he was in book mode and referenced the town in New York we used to live near, which appears in his book. In addition, he said he wanted to go to A&P, which is in Mount Kisco, rather than Safeway, which is here. Again, I knew what he meant. It was just amusing to hear him say it.

Since all but the air quality and lack of job have been dealt with, maybe I can sleep tonight. It might be time for a sleeping pill to help things along. I’ll keep trying, and at some point, Lion will want sex again. All will be right with the world. For now, I’ll snuggle in for the chilly weather.

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