Getting A Man Off Isn’t As Simple As Most Women Imagine

Over the last decade or so, I’ve learned a lot of new (to me) things. I learned about my sexual anatomy. I thought I knew all about my penis and how to enjoy it. I was very wrong. Here are three of the things I learned:

  • It’s impossible to orgasm if the motion on my penis is in the “Up” (from the base to the tip) direction. It’s very exciting, but I can’t orgasm. Mrs. Lion does this by gripping on the upstroke and letting go when bringing her hand down. Males are programmed this way because ejaculating when pulling out of the vagina, releases the semen further from the cervix. If Mrs. Lion wants to tease me, she will use this technique.
  • The “magic spot” just under the head and to my left of center can lose its ability to get me off if it is overstimulated. It feels like my sensitivity moves slightly in one direction or another when Mrs. Lion uses the Magic Wand. It also happens when jerking me off. This doesn’t happen during oral sex. Her mouth stimulates a larger area with less force. When using a hand or vibrator, it is necessary to adjust position to compensate for this.
  • Erection can be delayed even though I’m getting turned on. I don’t understand this, but the fact that I’m not erect doesn’t mean I’m not aroused. Apparently, to some degree, erection can be independent of arousal. There were times in the past when I ejaculated without getting hard.

I think that many women believe we are simple creatures when it comes to sex. They consider themselves to be more complex. I think that this assumption is based on the fact that males have to orgasm in order to propagate the species. As a result, every male sexual experience has to end in ejaculation to be successful. Female arousal is needed but orgasm isn’t required for fertilizing her eggs. [Mrs. Lion — Female arousal is not needed.]

The male reproductive imperative can be misinterpreted to suggest that we males are easy to get off. Well, we are easier to get off, but as we get past our 30s, we have more trouble reaching orgasm. There are very few sources of information on improving male orgasm. Entire sections in libraries and bookstores are dedicated to the female big-O. Not fair!

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