I am writing this the same afternoon as Mrs. Lion’s most recent post (“Waiting for the Phone to Ring“). I’m making this point because even though this post publishes on Wednesday, I have no idea what will happen later today or tonight. Her post mentions some sexual activity that she plans. It will be interesting to see if she remembers to follow through. Her recent track record hasn’t been perfect.

Of course, I’m not particularly enthusiastic about IcyHot Pro slathered on my balls. I hate how that feels. Well, I hate how this product’s predecessor burned. The “Pro” version adds camphor to the 10% menthol. Hoo boy! The thing is, I’m not saying she shouldn’t do it. I guess it’s like spanking. I really hate being spanked, but miss it if I’m not.

We had a brief conversation about other things Mrs. Lion could do (or said she was going to do). One was having me wear my shock collar every day. I wore it on my own for a while, but that seemed pretty pointless. Mrs. Lion mentioned putting me back into a chastity device again. The Holy Trainer Nub is sitting on my desk. We talked about teasing and about doing things earlier in the day. Neither of us has a job. We also talked about playing our NFL game. Mrs. Lion said that she gets very involved in the (football) play and doesn’t think of the lion game.

It isn’t that she doesn’t mean to do these things. It’s just that nothing drives her in the direction of sexual activity. Hormones are a powerful motivator when it comes to sexual things. Minus those hormones, only a good to-do list can assure consistent activity. My hormones keep me wanting fun.

I think it is vey interesting that there is one activity my lioness is nearly 100 percent consistent in doing. That is, of course, spanking me. She catches any rules I break and applies ten minutes of painful spanking each time. I almost never have to remind her. I can’t figure out why she is perfect in this area and struggles in others. I’m not complaining. Domestic discipline goes a long way toward maintaining our domestic tranquility. I just wish I knew why out of everything else we have done, spanking resonates so strongly.

Listen to this post.