I took the dog to the vet for shots yesterday. She was a handful. She wore me out. I fell asleep watching TV with Lion. He just listed things that need to get done this weekend and asked if I’d be waxing him. I need to go pick up some prescriptions and grab a few things at the store. That might wipe me out. I’ll pencil in the waxing for tomorrow.

I need to make time for Lion too. Tonight, I will definitely set up the massage table to play with him. Well, not necessarily tonight. We’re not limited to any timeframe on weekends. Or any other day, for that matter. It’s all up to his writing schedule and whether or not I can stay awake. I think the vertigo is behind me for now. The only job I have is looking for a new job, and that doesn’t take all day. Aside from chores, I’m free.

Lion, I’m sure, is looking forward to testing out the new professional strength IcyHot he bought last week. He always says he buys them for me, but I know he wants me to use them. Why else would he buy them? Oh, sure, I’m in charge and can do things to him, but if he said no more IcyHot, I wouldn’t use it. I know he doesn’t like Velcro on my weenie, and it gave him a sore, so I stopped using it. There are other ways to torture him.

Now he’ll say I shouldn’t have stopped using Velcro if I was having fun with it. That may be true, but if it gave him a sore and my weenie was out of commission, why tempt fate? If I wanted to, I bet I could find something similar that would bite into him without actually cutting. Hmmm…maybe it’s time for a Google search. [Lion — I don’t like Velcro or IcyHot. I don’t think that’s a good reason to stop. Just sayin’.]

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