Just Wait Until Your Lioness Feels Better

I have a punishment hanging over my head, and I don’t like it a bit. I used to believe that punishments are best delivered as close to the offense as possible. Now, I’m not so sure. Mrs. Lion has been delaying my spanking because she has been under the weather. She is doing something very new. In the past, when she didn’t spank me on the day of the offense, she didn’t say anything about delaying it. I sometimes got the impression that she forgot. This time, she is informing me that I will be spanked, and she is delaying the administration of the punishment. It’s a variation on the “Wait until your father gets home.”

Even though we’ve been doing it for a while, we are still discovering nuances of domestic discipline. That’s not surprising. We have no model of the correct way to practice it. Neither of us was spanked as children, so we don’t even have the parental discipline model to draw on. Mrs. Lion doesn’t read any of the blogs written by others practicing domestic discipline. She is discovering what to do on her own.

Our current situation is a good example of how to manage a domestic discipline marriage when something interferes with the ability of one spouse being unable to administer needed punishments. In the past, when I’ve been sick, Mrs. Lion forgave offenses.  I’m not talking about things I couldn’t perform because I was sick. I committed offenses that had nothing to do with my temporary disability. She said that too much time had passed between the offense and her ability to spank me.

This time is different. Mrs. Lion isn’t forgiving anything. She is letting me know on a daily basis that I will be spanked when she feels able. She’s also said that if she doesn’t feel up to a punishment-grade spanking, she will stop and continue the next day. This is brand new. I think it is an important step. The inevitability of punishment is very important. I have been informed that when she is able, Mrs. Lion will deliver a full two-offense spanking. That’s fifteen minutes of hard paddling. If she can’t do the entire fifteen minutes at one time, she will finish the next day. Believe me. Whenever she decides to do it, I will remember why my bottom is burning.

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