As I wrote yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well. I did the vertigo exercise and researched a little more. There’s another exercise for a different kind of vertigo. It’s similar, so maybe I’ll try that one too. I rested in bed in the afternoon and snoozed a little. It helped, but I didn’t want to take any chances by moving too much. When I hugged the dog, the room started spinning. I just have to figure out what triggers it.

This morning, so far, I’m feeling a little better. I have to return some equipment to my former employers by Wednesday. Lion has a dentist appointment tomorrow, so today looks like the day to return the equipment. One foray out into the world at a time. I just need to figure out how to manage the dizziness so I can make it to job interviews. Someone suggested motion sickness drugs. I’ll have to get some to see if they help.

Obviously, Lion did not get spanked last night. I can probably do it at some point today. I may still have to break it into two sessions. It all depends on how I feel as I swat him. Sometimes, bending over slightly makes me dizzy. Other times it doesn’t. Maybe it’s the amount I bend over. Grabbing something out of the dryer didn’t bother me but reaching into the fridge did. That suggests a slight bend is worse than a more severe angle. Weird. I do bend slightly when I swat Lion. We’ll have to try it and see if I can do it.

I may be able to manage jerking him off too. I’d much rather give him a blow job, but that might have been the thing that did me in. It might have been too much movement. That’s another reason to get rid of this dizziness. For now, the massage table might be the way to go for hand jobs.

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